Mahatma and Merkabah

images (9)Mahatma and Merkabah

By Vywamus.

Today is quite an important day and so is tomorrow. And when I say an important day a lot of people don’t, ummm, a lot of people here probably don’t remember the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. That was something that happened. People took part in it all over the world. It was very interesting at the time because most people didn’t know what it was all about, but people gathered all over the place, in halls, in homes, in holy places. I remember I was in Glastonbury, up on Glastonbury Tor, and we were like penguins on an ice floe up on top of the Tor there were so many people, and I kept saying to people, “What’s happening?” And people were saying, “Hey, it’s Harmonic Convergence man.” And when I said “What’s that?”, people said “Oh, I don’t know man, something about harmonics converging, you know.” And most people really just gave you that answer. Not many people knew what was happening. But in fact what was happening; this being that we know as Sanat Kumara was integrating his energy body, or his etheric body or his light body, with our planet, and Sanat Kumara, this being, is known as our planetary Logos. All planets have an energy which is known as the Logos, all universes, all galaxies. But anyway, Sanat Kumara is the the energy associated with planet Earth. It’s very interesting, these Kumaras are actually traceable through history. In Hinduism there’s a great philosophical work known as the Mahabarat and it’s got numerous volumes, about a hundred volumes or so, I’m not sure I can’t remember, but in there it talks about the Kumaras being the original sons of Brahma. In Hinduism Brahma is the Creator. It might interest you to know that Jesus, or this being that many people know as Jesus – he got that name in that part of his career known as his Palestinian ministry – some people seized on it and built up a whole control system around it, and of course that is Catholocism and the Church of England but we won’t into that. And Sananda – this being Jesus, his real name is Sananda – we work with him quite a lot, but anyway we’re diversifying.

The Harmonic Convergence went on in 1987. Also what happened at that time was, through this energy vortex, we actually brought new energy to this planet, an energy which we’d never worked with since Atlantean times. In Atlantean times we’d managed to bring this energy to planet Earth and the people of the planet, but the emotional bodies of the humans weren’t actually developed enough to be able to really move into the focus of total unconditional love so we had to withdraw the energy. It had actually been withdrawn then from planet Earth until 1987. So then, in 1987, a vortex was created through the Harmonic Convergence at the same time as Sanat Kumara was doing his part of it. And this energy, we really didn’t have a name for it at the time because we really didn’t know if we’d be able to get it here and anchor it through this Harmonic Convergence. So after a lot of deliberation by these beings known as the Galactic and Ascended Masters, and we’ll tell you a little bit about them in a minute, after a lot of deliberation between those guys and girls and the other people that were involved on planet Earth, we decided that we’d call this energy Mahatma. And I’m sure that most of you have heard this word Mahatma – you know, Mahatma Ghandi – and it’s very commonly used in India. It means grace. So we decided to call this energy Mahatma because it’s a very easy word to remember.

The science of working with energy is that the name is no different from the energy, which is why people chant mantras and that’s why people chant prayers. They do it in Hinduism and in Christianity and all the rest of it, so actually when you chant on your rosary Mercy Mary, the energy of Mary is with you, and when you chant Hare Krishna, the energy of Krishna is with you, and when you chant Om Nama Shiva, the energy of Shiva is with you. And if you’re doing healing work and you say sulphur 200c, well that’s what you get in the energy. So you can see, the science of the word is no different from the energy. This is the theory behind it.

So we decided that this energy would be called Mahatma, as I said the reason being that it’s a very easy word to say and it’s a very easy word to remember. So the whole thing is to uncomplicated things. There’ve been many many complicated things put out in conjunction with so-called spiritual life, and this thing we call en-lightenment, en-hyphen-lightenment, and it’s caused a lot of confusion. But in fact the Mahatma energy is a very beautiful energy and the reason for that is that everybody knows there is a Creator Source. Some people just call Mother/ Father God, God, or they call God Krishna, or they call God Buddha or whatever, and that energy has always been present because that is the creative energy. But this Mahatma energy is the personal energy of the aspect of Mother/Father God which we call the I AM presence. All beings present also have an I AM presence, by the way. The I AM presence is often confused with the higher self, the overself or the oversoul or whatever but we’re not going to go into that either right now. So this energy of the I AM presence of Mother/Father God is just pure unconditional love. And this energy, like all energy, has colour with it and the easiest way to perceive this energy is gold/silver with a hint of violet in it.

Well, today was the start of the 10th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, and people have been, since twelve o’clock midday in the United Kingdom or twelve o’clock midday wherever you are on the planet, groups of people have been gathering together and they’ve been meditating and they’ve been grounding energy. And on top of that there’s also been the world-wide grounding of the Mahatma energy, and that’s the first time it’s ever happened on this planet in such a big way. Now when you ground Mahatma energy in a group, what we have is a multiplication by ten. Don’t ask me how it works but this is the information that I get from the upstairs department. I know once, two years ago, when I worked with fifty people on the island of Jersey in a dolmen, that there was very definitely to me the energy of five hundred people. It was incredible. Afterwards people gave me feedback from all around the world that they felt it coming through the gridwork. Of course, we were working on a dolmen which is a very powerful energy line. So today we’ve actually had millions of people grounding the Mahatma energy, and I don’t know what other people have actually felt today in themselves, but I know what I’ve been feeling is just this real big wave of unconditional love, and this real big wave of nice, what could you say, nice sort of chilling, laid back energy.

So we’ve told you a bit about the Mahatma. And also as well another thing to know about the Mahatma energy is that it’s never ever been misused in any way, shape or form. All the other energies we have to work with on planet Earth have at some time or another been used to control people or to hold them in fear or to disempower them or whatever, all kinds of things like that. So most people, or a lot of people, have blocks in their cellular memory against energies and they can’t work with it. But the Mahatma energy has never been subjected to that so people don’t have a block against it either and that’s what makes it so easy to work with. Well, what we’re going to do to start off with before we start working with Sam and George, we’re going to give you an experience of the Mahatma energy. We’ve said that it’s very easy to work with but we’re going to, instead of just doing a five minute meditation and affirm that we’ll allow the Mahatma energy to flow through our hearts, what! we’ ll do is a whole meditation. We’re going to work with our twelve chakra system. Most people don’t understand or don’t realise, a lot of people still think that we’re only working with seven chakras or seven energy centres in our bodies. Other people have discovered we’re working with twelve. Other people have discovered we’re working with fifty, but what we really know now is that we’re working with at least three hundred and fifty two chakras in various aspects of multidimensional time and space. But during this meditation we’re going to work with our twelve chakras and this meditation will either make you stay until morning or you’ll just disappear very shortly after we start. So it will be interesting to see what happens.

Well, what we’re going to do when we do this meditation, we’re also going to make sounds, and what we want you to do is, we want everybody to make sounds. When we make sounds through this one, we want you to make sounds, and we want you to make sounds of your own. We don’t want you to make sounds in exactly the same tone as we’re going to make through this channel. What we would like you to do is just go for your own note. Everybody has a vibration which will activate them and the idea of this meditation is to integrate the Mahatma energy into all the chakras and clean out all the rubbish and accumulated debris of centuries on planet Earth, and also as well to open up or activate this gland which is here in the chest called the thymus gland. Now the thymus gland is actually the true heart chakra in human beings. It’s part of the misinformation campaign that the heart chakra is where the physical heart is. In most people, when you get to about twenty five, this thymus gland starts to close down and when it starts to close down it starts to produce, you could say very simply, death hormones instead of life hormones. So also you start to lose the capability to be spontaneous and you start to lose the capability to integrate unconditional love because you don’t have the equipment to integrate it through. Unconditional love is integrated through the thymus gland.

So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to do some work on activating the thymus gland and we’re really going to integrate some of this unconditional love. And what we’re going to really try and get you to do is to integrate this unconditional love for yourself. You know, there’s a lot of things talked about love and a lot of theories put forward about love, but it is impossible to love anybody unless you love yourself unconditionally first. A lot of people say “Oh, I know how to love other people but I don’t know how to love myself”, and the reply to that is, if you think you know how to love other people and you don’t love yourself unconditionally, you’re just involved in an illusion. Most people tend to mistake dependency for love. People get into co-dependent relationships and think they’re in love, but the relationship is nothing to do with love. You see, there’re only two energies at work in creation – one is love, one is fear. They’re the only two that are here working with us. Unfortunately most people have integrated the fear energy into their lives. That fear energy manifests in all kinds of ways, like dislike of the self, guilt, criticism of others, criticism of self, anger, jealousy and all these other things. All these things are just based on fear, that’s all. If you are integrated in love you wouldn’t experience fear because you would know you’re invincible through your love. If you integrated love you wouldn’t be afraid of being abducted by extraterrestrial or whatever. You wouldn’t be afraid of being possessed by this hypothetical being known as the devil which has been promoted through Christianity to control people. So the whole idea of this whole thing is to integrate love, and that’s our job now. People talk about the millenium and all the rest of it and beyond, and people say what about 2012 and everything else. I don’t make many predictions and prophesies as they’re not really relevant the second after you’ve said them, but I’ll tell you in 2030 and 2035 that there’ll be a lot of things happening here on this planet, a lot of changes, and there’s going to be a lot of love for those people who have already integrated it.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to do this Mahatma meditation. So to start off with what we really want you to do is – do you remember Tarzan? [thumps chest] – I’d like you all to give it a bit of a go in here, just tap your thymus glands, give it a bit of a rub, and get this energy moving along a little bit. And also at the same time you’re doing it, take some nice deep breaths. Most people don’t actually understand what a deep breath is and they go “heuugh” and that’s a deep breath. Well, what I want you to do is to breathe in until your lungs are full and then we want you to stick your stomachs right out and breathe in some more so your lungs are really full.

And as well, when you breathe out we want you to breathe everything out and lift up your diaphragm and really breathe everything out. And visualise as you’re breathing out all your fear and your uncertainty and the confusion, just the stresses and strains of life. And now as you breathe in we’d like you just to also focus as well on the top of your head – you can see I’ve been over driving mine a bit, there’s not much hair left – what you do is just focus here on the top of your head and as you breathe in just feel that opening up. And also, as well, you can tap your thymus gland and tap your crown chakra as well at the same time, and that will kind of wake things up a little bit, allow the energy to start flowing through. And you can pull a few bits of crystalised stuck energy off of it and out of it and all the rest of it and really get this moving. As you breathe in just think of love. Love. Trigger the love. Trigger the love. Trigger the love. Trigger the light. Trigger the light. Trigger the light. And just keep breathing with it, just keep breathing with it. Trigger the love, trigger the love…. the love. Trigger the light, trigger the light…. the light. Just go with your breaths and fill them up and pull in this light, pull in this love, see the silver and gold energy with this hint of violet flowing into your body, just flowing through into the whole of that crystal which is your body physical. You are crystalline beings. Just feel that energy being amplified by your chakras and see it flowing into every part, every extremity of body physical. See and feel these subatomic particles just being triggered by the light. Trigger the light, the light, the light. Trigger the love, trigger the love, trigger the love, the love, the light. And now just raise your attention above your heads, just maybe two hands’ lengths, three hands’ lengths above your head, just focus your attention there and just feel as you breathe in and out, that feeling just to go into the top of your head, and then flow through that energy system which is your chakra system through the middle of your body, feel it going down each side of your spine, feel it running down into Mother Earth. Trigger the light. Trigger the light, the light, the light. Trigger the love. Trigger the love. So now just keep on feeling this energy, just keep allowing it to flow through you. And now I ask you all, even if you don’t know anything about your I AM presence, jut to say within your own minds and your own hearts, “I AM presence, do I have permission to work with this energy? And do I have permission to ground this energy? And I would like to work in accordance with your will, so that this energy will flow through me in a balanced way.” Just spend a few moments asking the question in your own way and listening to the answer you get from that aspect of yourself that is your I AM presence, that spark of energy that is you eternally, that always has been and always will be. Trigger the light…. trigger the light…. trigger the love…. trigger the love, trigger the light, the light.

So now most of you either have a feeling of ease or you have a direct communication, so lets start bringing this energy through this twelfth chakra, this chakra you can feel above your head. You could if you like put your hands above your head into that space above you, and use your right hand and just move it around and just feel where your twelfth chakra is. And once you feel it, just move it around. Just move the energy, trigger the light…. trigger the light, trigger the love, the love, the light. And now you feel it, just move your hand down a little more and feel your eleventh chakra – it is through this eleventh chakra that you will draw this energy of Mahatma, this unconditional love of the I AM presence, of the Mother/Father Source. Just allow this affirmation to flow through your minds first: I affirm I am the Mahatma, I AM that I AM, in love. Trigger the love…. trigger the love…. trigger the light…. trigger the light, the light, the love. So now bring this energy to the next chakra down. Again you’ll be able to feel, if you feel around there, you’ll be able to feel the difference in your energy when you put your moving hands into it. And again just move it around. Just follow your guidance. Don’t think why am I doing this? How many times must I do it? Just do it. Trigger the light. Trigger the light, the light, the love, the light. Trigger the light. And now the ninth and the eighth. Again, trigger the light, trigger the light, trigger the light. And now you’re opening up your channel, you’re opening up this rainbow bridge. By the time you leave you’ll all be rainbow warriors. This rainbow bridge connects you with your I AM presence, the true you, the real you that knows what you should be doing on planet Earth. Trigger the light, trigger the light, the light, trigger the love. And now bring it into your seventh chakra, the top of your head , your crown, where you’re tapping it.

You might like to tap it again. And at the same time focus of this thymus gland and make the affirmation: I affirm I would like the Mahatma energy to flow through my heart in accordance with the will of my I AM presence. I AM that I AM. Okay, now feel this energy in your crown chakra and allow this energy to flow into your thymus, and as we previously said to you, we’d like you to make sounds. And when you make these sounds we’re going to speak through this one, and when you make these sounds, we’re going to ask you to focus on this thymus gland. But we’re going to change it now – it’s not a thymus gland, it’s a thymus room. And then we’re going to change it from a thymus room into a thymus palace. Trigger the light…. trigger the light, the light. Trigger the love…. trigger the love.


Come on, let’s have you all toning, it sounds like there’s nobody here. That’s it, keep toning, keep toning, keep toning, keep toning….


So now, just keep gently toning and focus your energy now on your seventh chakra, and just keep gently toning. If you tone too loud I won’t be able to speak over it but keep toning, keep toning, and focus this energy now on your crown chakra, and see this crown chakras, this lotus of a thousand petals, just blooming and opening like a lotus on a Kashmir lake in the early morning sun. Just see those petals opening and see this Mahatma energy flowing into this chakra and clearing away all this accumulated debris, all this accumulated energy of incarnation after incarnation, trigger the light…. trigger the light…. trigger the light, the light, the light.

[Toning. Trigger the light…. trigger the love.]

And now start bringing this energy down through your third eye just above the bridge of your nose, down into your throat chakra and then down into this thymus room. See this thymus room growing into a palace, into a crystalline palace of rosy quartz, of emeralds, amethyst, violet. Just see this thymus palace growing and make the affirmation: I affirm that the Mahatma energy is flowing through my thymus palace. I AM that I AM, in love.


Just focus on this thymus gland. Trigger the light, trigger the light, trigger the love. Just feel this thymus palace growing and growing and growing and growing, feel your heart just spreading, just feel your chest opening and feel that love. Just feel the unconditional love flowing into you. Make the affirmation IAM that I AM, in love.


Now some of you might feel some energies moving around you and that’s because we’ve just had a group of beings come to visit us, to work with us energetically. They will actually move around as we go further through this meditation, just maybe pulling a bit here and there, and pushing a bit here and there, and sticking a few things up here and there. So we’d like you to just keep focusing on this thymus gland and just keep feeling this energy flow through it. Trigger the light…. trigger the light… trigger the love, the love, the light. You might like to start taking this energy upwards and take this energy up to your third eye, just up here above the bridge of your nose. This is the seed of your clairvoyance, this is the seed of your clairaudience.

It is from this chakra that you truly see. Just allow the energy to flow into this chakra and make the affirmation to yourselves: I affirm that I now allow myself to see. I affirm that I may see so I may help others see. I AM that I AM.


Trigger the light… trigger the light, the light… trigger the love… trigger the love, the love.

Okay, let’s keep moving down our chakras. So now let’s move to the throat chakra. Just feel that energy there, and again make the affirmation to yourselves, something along the lines: I affirm I allow the Mahatma energy to flow through my throat chakra. I AM that I AM. I affirm that I’m ready to speak my truth.


Trigger the light. Trigger the light. Trigger the light. Trigger the love. Trigger the love. Let’s move the energy down now to this thymus palace and just feel this love further activating this crystalline structure of your thymus palace and just feel your chest opening and opening and opening and opening, until you feel you have a big satellite dish, and this satellite dish is catching these rays of love, these waves of love, the energy of love. And this love is flowing through you into Mother Earth helping her to also become love.


That’s it, just trigger that light, trigger the light, the light, the light. Trigger the love, trigger the love, the light, the light. Trigger the light.


Trigger the light, trigger the light, the love, the light, the light.


So you can keep toning and let’s move this energy downwards. Keep toning, move this energy downwards, move it down to the solar plexus. It’s through the solar plexus that you connect with the emotional body. Just allow all the stress to flow out of your solar plexus and turn into love, turn into light. And feel this energy, this Mahatma energy, flowing into the solar plexus, so your solar plexus becomes silver and gold and violet. And trigger the light, trigger the light, trigger the light, the light, the love, trigger the light.


And now bring the energy down to your second chakra, your water lotus. Just feel this energy flowing into your second chakra. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know where it is, you soon will. Just allow the energy to flow into it, this second chakra, this water lotus. It’s the sexual chakra. Just allow this energy to move in there and clear out all the debris, all the guilt, all the accumulated feelings. Just allow this energy to flow in there. This energy is love, unconditional love. Mahatma. Trigger the light, trigger the light, the light. Trigger the love, trigger the love, trigger the love.


Trigger the light, trigger the light, the light, the light. Trigger the love, trigger the love.


Trigger the light, trigger the love. Just allow this energy to flow through the chakra clearing everything out. The chakra is turning from orange to silver and gold and violet. Trigger the light, trigger the light.

[Toning. Trigger the light… trigger the love.]

Now just keep toning and allow this energy to flow into your base chakra. This is at the bottom of your spine. This is the seat of your life force, your kundalini. See this chakra instead of being red, see it turning into violet, silver and gold. Just feel the accumulated anger, just feel the accumulated fear, flowing out of this chakra and this chakra becoming unconditional love.


Trigger the light, trigger the light, trigger the light, the light, the light, the light. Trigger the love… trigger the love… trigger the love.


So now just feel this energy, this unconditional love, just flowing again through the whole of your cellular structure. Feel it going through the whole of your body; your bones, your teeth, your hair, just feel that liquid crystal that is your blood becoming activated by this energy of love so it travels everywhere in your physical body. So, now we’ve got some energy moving, what we’re going to do is we’re going to give you a very….(end of tape)

(start side 2)…. Energy experience in this, and we’re going to give you again a quick bit of background on it. Who knows anything about star tetrahedrons? Well, that’s a six pointed star in 2D, but in 3D it’s two three-sided pyramids interlocked. Well, everything in creation has these star tetrahedrons, including human beings, and these star tetrahedrons are really, in many ways, the key, in conjunction with our DNA, the key to consciousness, the key to many things, the key to emotional balance, etc. So, surrounding the human body we have three star tetrahedrons. One of them is static, in other words it doesn’t move. These star tetrahedrons are around everybody, the length of their arms, and the top of them is a hand’s width above the head and the bottom is a hand’s width below your feet. Now, in men and women, the star tetrahedrons are orientated differently. So these star tetrahedrons, you’ve got three of them and one of them is static and in males and females they’re orientated in different ways, and two of them counter-rotate. They occupy the same space as the first one – can you imagine three star tetrahedrons occupying the same space? – and the two inside ones rotate and they counter-rotate, one rotates to the right and one rotates to the left. The one that rotates to the right is related to your emotional body and the one that rotates to the left is associated with your mental body. The fact is that in most human beings the one that’s rotating to the right is going slower than the one to the left, that’s why people are so emotional. Another thing about it is, if you make a planet radio active, like planet Earth is being made, it actually slows down the vibration of the emotional body of the beings that live on that planet so they tend to live in emotional fear and emotional chaos. One of the easy ways to get out of that is to balance the counter-rotation of your star tetrahedrons. There’s been loads and loads of ways thought up to do that over the years, but the easiest way I’ve come up with is just by visualization and affirmation. We’ll tell you as well, if you work with your star tetrahedrons and you speed up the counter-rotations faster than the speed of light, what happens is you disappear out of third dimension. You slip into another dimension of reality. That is one of the places this term “mastery” comes from.

When we talk about these beings the Galactic Masters and the Ascended Masters, we don’t actually imply anything sexist and we don’t imply anything along the lines that they’re in charge of anything – you know, like humans are used to post masters and station masters and school masters and all these other kind of people, and having these masters affects you in your life – but what this term Master means, or what it merely implies in this situation, is that these beings have achieved self mastery. Well, achieving self mastery, or part of achieving self mastery, is to be able to work with your star tetrahedron fields, because when you accelerate your counter-rotational fields to just above the speed of light minimum, what happens is that the counter-rotating fields all lock together and you get a big flash of light out of each side of the body and that flash of light can go miles actually out each side. But what you can do is, you can utilise this light – this light is actually known as merkabah – you can utilise this light and you can utilise this star tetrahedron field, as a vehicle.

Now, lots of people are talking about extra-terrestrials coming to Earth in UFO’s and all this kind of stuff, some people see them and some people don’t, and a lot of people say, when are these space brothers and sisters going to come and save the planet? Well, the news is that I don’t want them to save the planet, I don’t want them to interfere in my life, but if they want to come and have some fun with us and come and share their love and all the rest of it, they’re very welcome. In fact, they come every day. They’re in and out of our dimensional reality and most people don’t see them because their vibrations are not quite high enough. It’s very easy to heighten your vibrations, though. When I say your vibrations are not high enough, it’s an observation not a judgement. It’s just that we’re giving you information that you can work with to heighten your vibrations so that you can see them.

So what we’ll do is a really short meditation to give you some experience of these counter-rotating fields. What we’re not going to do is take you beyond the speed of light, because most people in this workshop are not actually focused enough to go that far. I’ll tell you an interesting story; there was a group of us in a flat in London, maybe a couple of years ago this was, and we were experimenting with star tetrahedrons and we were counter-rotating our fields through affirmation and visualisation, and we got up above the speed of light and all of a sudden there was this, I don’t know how to describe this sound so there’s no point in trying to describe it, and I opened my eyes and looked around and one member of the group had disappeared.. And then everybody else looked around and said where’s he gone? I said I wasn’t sure where he was, he could be anywhere, and when they said what do you mean anywhere?, I said he could be in any place in time and space. People tend to think!

that dimensional realities are stacked on top of each other and isn’t actually the way it is. Everything exists simultaneously in all time and space. So he just moved through time and space. So anyway, we sat down and meditated and tuned in on him and found out where he was. But we were tuning in on him in London. We focused in on him and communicated with him, I guess you’d call it telepathically, just zapped him on another level, and said that what we’d do is really hold the energy for him to get out of there and he should just sit down and go with us on this speeding up of the counter-rotating star tetrahedron. In about ten or fifteen minutes we had him back in the flat in London. And he came back and said, I just been in the fifth dimension and other places, and we said yeah we know, we sussed you out. He said he didn’t know if we knew where he was when we were communicating. So, that’s what is possible to do with these things. Now, another interesting thing is that Mother!

Earth has actually made a conscious decision to become whole. Part of this conscious decision on Mother Earth’s part to become whole means that she’s going to go through a dimensional shift. Now, there’s been a lot of blab about the fifth dimension in the last four or five years, ascension, the fifth dimension and all that stuff. Forget the fifth dimension. Yes, it’s a step along the way and all the rest of it, but why not head for the fifty first dimension? Or the three hundred and second dimension?

It’s a much nicer target to go for than say just one step forward in consciousness. Let’s really go for it and open up. But Mother Earth has decided to go through this dimensional shift and what is happening, and we’ll show you some things that a lot of you can probably relate t which actually shows that this is happening now, but what it means is Mother Earth is going to move through into fifth dimensional reality. Now we’ve already been through into fourth dimensional reality. Some of you, through things that you’ve learnt, probably think fourth dimension is the astral realms. Well, we can tell you that the astral realms were cleared out ages ago and there’s nobody there. They’ve all been either persuaded to move out or they’ve been shipped out or whatever. Different planets have been put aside for them to incarnate back onto so they can print their money and build their weapons and get scared and build nuclear devices and all the things they get up to. Mind control and everything else. So they’ve all been moved out and they’re all doing their thing elsewhere. Some of them have actually moved into higher dimension or other dimensional realities.

So we’re going to go through into the fifth dimension now. When we really start this dimensional shift, one of the signs that a lot of you will notice is that anything synthetic or anything that’s been chemically changed will actually start reverting back to its natural state. So if you wear synthetic clothes they’ll start falling off and disappearing. And you might be driving your car and I suppose your dashboard and all the plastic will be first to melt. I think that plastics will be the first to go. Everything will revert back to its natural state, go back to its original chemical composition. So that will be one of the signs because everything is going to go back to the way it started.

Question: This is in 2010?

We don’t prophecy 2010. Actually, we could pull it off tomorrow if we get focused tonight. If we all get focused there’s no saying it’ll only happen in 2010. All we’re saying is it’s going to happen and it’s dependent on the consciousness of human beings. You see, us as human beings – or human beings in general, if you’ll excuse me I’m not a human being – human beings in general have this idea that they’re not in control of reality and not on control of creation. But in fact we create everything. Humans have created everything that is here on this planet. They’ve created the situations, they’ve created the fear, they’ve created the love as well on the other side of it, they’ve created the working together and the discordance that’s around. So humans can create anything. What most humans don’t understand is not only do they create but they co-create. So, if we had enough people to focus on waking up tomorrow morning or waking up when they get up this time we’ll call tomorrow, we could actually change the world immediately. We could actually move everything into love, we could create a utopia in minutes. But, at the moment, we’re working hard on getting people to integrate love. This dimensional change will take place and it’s very necessary when this dimensional change takes place that your star tetrahedrons and your merkabah light body are activated. Now, you’ve all heard this word bandied about in Hinduism, bandied about in Buddhism and all the rest of it – for years and years people have been speaking about it – enlightenment. This is what true enlightenment really is. It’s becoming light, integrating your merkabah, integrating your light body. This is what enlightenment really means, what this word enlightenment really means. So, if your star tetrahedrons are in good running order and you’ve integrated the light, you can go through a dimensional shift and stay conscious through the dimensional shift and actually take your physical body with you. Now, you might say well why bother to do that? Well, of course, that is like a question worth asking. Some people would like to take their physical bodies and some wouldn’t, so again there’s free choice. But we’ve also got the situation where there could possibly be a lot of people who don’t have any knowledge of star tetrahedron technology. Now, Mars was wrecked by star tetrahedron technology. That’s what happened to the planet Mars. It was wrecked by group star tetrahedron experiments. Since that happened star tetrahedron experiments have actually been banned in this universe by the galactic councils, but recently in the last two years a number of us, namely five that are on this planet, have been given permission to bring this knowledge of group merkabah back into the consciousness of humans.

If you know how to build group merkabahs you can actually take large groups of people through dimensional shifts. Now ain’t that exciting hey? What an exciting concept, that we can go through a dimensional shift, that we can stay conscious all the way through, that we can take our physical bodies with us. I don’t mean just take our physical body as it stands, I mean you integrate your light body, you become light. You might say, I don’t like my physical body, I’d like to get rid of it. Just create your own physical body. You’ll be able to recreate yourself at whatever age you like. If you want to be old and grey and bearded and regal and all the rest of it, do it. If you want to be young and have these looks, you know, that the young have, well just create your own body. Whatever you’re into, it’ll be really far out.

So, what we’re going to do to help you overcome this emotional stuff that everyone suffers, and again this isn’t a criticism. Is there is anybody in this marquee who can put up their hand and say they don’t suffer any emotional trauma on any level at all? Nah, nobody ever puts their hand up. Not on this planet anyway.

Question: Can I ask a question and I’m not being funny. Why do you have to do this at two o’clock in the morning? Is it because it’s a purer time to do it?

Oh no, I’m not a purist at all. No, No, the reason why we did it at two o’clock is that nobody wants to use the marquee behind us and we can go on as long as we want. That’s the only reason.

Question: I’m not being rude, but are you a human being?

Am I a human being? No.

Question: Are you an alien?


Question: Lovely to meet you.

And you.

Question: And your partner here, is she an alien?

Yeah, yeah.

Question: Lovely to meet you too.

We’re actually both walk-ins. And Sam’s a drop-in.

Kathleen: That’s his terminology. He’s dropped in to the planet.

He’s dropped in through a multi-dimensional vortex, but we’ll go through all that….

Question: This is a friend of yours?

Yeah, this little fellow here. He’ll be speaking soon and he’s always got a lot to say.

Question: Lovely. Well, I’ve always been looking forward to bumping into you.

So what we’ll do is we’ll just go for this star tetrahedron experiment. We’re not going to build a group star tetrahedron because it actually takes a little bit of time. I can only say that when we have built group star tetrahedrons – we took a group from Scotland to Russia last November in a group star tetrahedron and the Russian Air Force launched planes looking for us – what actually happens is when you’ve got a group focus in merkabah you can pick it up on radar. And since then not only have we been winding up the Russians a little bit but we’ve wound up the Chinese several times in Tibet. It just keeps them on their toes. It isn’t for that reason we’re not going to do a group merkabah experiment, it’s because it’ll be morning quick enough. So what we’re going to do is, before we do some work with these drop-ins – there’s only three kind people around on the planet; there’s crawl-ins, they’re the people who sort of get born and all that and then grow up, they’re crawl-ins, then there’s the walk ins, those of us that take over already grown bodies on contract, and then you’ve got the drop-ins. Now when you start channelling and opening up, they always start coming knocking on the door, oh I’ll give it a shot. Maybe we can divert them. So anyway, I’m not going to get diverted, we’re going to do this star tetrahedron. So what I’d just like you to do is again to just sit down and close your eyes and just focus on your breath, and we’re just going to do this through affirmation. Now, most of you don’t know what star tetrahedrons look like, I guess. You don’t even need to know, because when you affirm that these star tetrahedrons are doing things, they are. You may or may not feel it. It’s not a competition on who’s the most sensitive or whatever. We’ll have a bit of a sharing afterwards and see what people thought about it.

So, just focus on this energy again and just allow the light to flow in through these higher chakras. We’ve activated some of them now, ground the energy. And now everybody needs to run these affirmations through their minds if you want to partake in the meditation. If you don’t want to partake in it, don’t use the affirmations if you think it’s not for you. So we’ll start off with a very low counter-rotational speed because that’ll then allow everybody to start moving upwards simultaneously. So just allow this affirmation to flow through your minds: I affirm my counter-rotating star tetrahedron fields are counter-rotating at one fifth the speed of light now. (Pause) I affirm that my counter-rotating star tetrahedron fields are now counter-rotating at two fifths the speed of light now. (Pause) I affirm that my counter-rotating star tetrahedron fields are counter-rotating at three fifths the speed of light now. (Pause) I affirm my counter-rotating star tetrahedron fields are now counter-rotating at four fifths the speed of light now. (Pause) I affirm my counter-rotating star tetrahedron fields are now counter-rotating at 99.9% the speed of light now. I AM that I AM. (Pause) So there’s a little star tetrahedron meditation. It’s very easy to do, very easy to remember and, as well, if there’re two of you you can do it back to back. You can do it with your partner with your backs to each other and that makes it very beautiful. And also in some ways makes it stronger. Did anybody feel their counter-rotating fields? Yeah?

Question: Somebody keeps walking around me here.

Well we have a big team that work with us and they do actually walk around a lot. Some people feel them and some people see them.

Question: Am I hallucinating that I keep seeing people over there and then they keep vanishing?

No, you’re not hallucinating.

Question: So these are real friends? Are they my friends?

Of course they are, yeah. They’re everybody’s friends. So yeah, we do have a huge team that works with us.

Question: And now that we’re rotating so, like two ways at once, do we now remain there or is there some type of closing down thing we do?

Who wants to close down? Who wants to go back to normal consciousness again? I’m ragging you when you say do we close down and I say do we want to undo the work we’ve already done. What has a tendency to happen is that if you don’t do the meditation on a reasonably regular basis, or you don’t focus on this on a reasonably regular basis, what happens is that you go back to the old patterning. You become emotional again. The counter-rotation becomes very much unbalanced. The counter-rotating never becomes completely balanced because it all has to do with the Fabonacchi spiral, the counter-rotation. Life is based on sacred geometry and fractals and this counter-rotation never reaches exactly the same speed.

Question: So it’s not a resonance that you return to?

It’s not a resonance that you return to, no. Not unless you’re going to take it to 100% or over and keep it there. The thing is to keep it polished.

Question: John, could you explain which bit of the tetrahedron part is actually spinning?

It’s the two inside ones. You’ve got three. You want me to clarify that a bit more? Okay. Well, the star tetrahedron is interlocked, three-sided pyramids…. It’s a third dimensional six pointed star and its interlocking pyramids. They’re around your body like that, at the finger tips. Everybody, all bodies, are built in proportion. For me, when my grandmother used to take me out to buy me socks when I was a kid, she’d never ever put the socks on, she’d always fold them over your hands and say they’ll fit, and always they fitted perfectly. If you get a piece of string and wrap it twice around your middle finger you’ll find that that piece of string will go once around your wrist. And if you wrap it twice around your wrist it’ll be the length of your forearm. You can measure the whole of your body like that. Everybody’s body is geometrically matched and correct, and your star tetrahedrons match that geometry of your body. So, you’ve got the three fields – one’s around you like !

this and it’s static, it just stays where it is. And star tetrahedrons, you can orientate them in two different ways; female star tetrahedrons are orientated like this, you’ve got the flat part and then it comes down and at the back you have a point facing downwards. In males it’s the opposite way around. You can see that reflected in the bodies. The female body sticks out here and here, and male bodies stick out here and there. So this is how the star tetrahedrons are actually orientated. How you can visualise them, inside or occupying the same space simultaneously as the static star tetrahedron, are two more. And can you imagine they occupy the same space. It’s hard for the mind to conger up this picture of the three star tetrahedrons ion the same space, but believe me that’s the way it is. The two inside ones just counter-rotate in the same space, so they’re counter-rotating both inside each other, outside each other and with each other. And it’s that counter-rotation which….

Question: When I was dancing, John, in the room, I was having a good time with some friends and I was looking forward to coming here tonight, And when I shut my eyes when I was dancing I saw three balls, but they were round and they were spinning.

Yeah, it’s probably in your merkabah energy field. You see, star tetrahedrons are composed of the five platonic solids and the platonic solids are the basis of the whole of creation. Everything is just based on these five shapes. The star tetrahedron is composed of the platonic solids. It’s like everything, the crystals in the body physical, the molecular structure of quartz, everything is based on sacred geometry in creation. The energy of creation we actually call the seed blueprint for creation, or Mother/Father God seed blueprint for creation.

That’s the creative energy. The symbol for that creative energy is the symbol which is known as the flower of life. I don’t know how many of you have seen this flower of life symbol but it’s geometric and, again, had I prepared I could have brought you a picture of it as I’ve got one in my car.

Question: Describe it.

I find it rather difficult to describe actually.

Question: I wonder if it’s the one I’m thinking about.

Yeah, it’s the one with all the petals.

Question: Is it a crop circle?

There has been a crop circle of flower of life.

Question: Could I just say a bit of poetry I wrote about this? It goes: It is the Buddha’s will, and we sit with him within, circles concentric, the five point star and lotus fall, how star wonder at patterns on tale-tellers brow, sacred diamonds or Egyptian curls, take us there, remind us… somehow. This is how we do it. Is it that shape?

It’s that shape yeah.

Question: the Five point star, the concentric circles and the lotus blossom?

Six pointed star. The petals are based on six.

Kathleen: I’m sure you could get there from where you are, very easily.

Question: Is that the cross of David then.


Question: Could you tell me why my leg’s aching?

Well, because we’ve been working with energy and we’ve been bringing in energy through your bodies and where there’s blocks you’ll probably start to hurt. The way around that is to stand up and stamp your feet. And ask the angel Sandalphon to ground you out. Different angels have got different jobs, like archangel Michael helps to look after us if we ask him to. He doesn’t if you don’t ask him. It’s like we were doing a clearance, a workshop, in Colorado, in Denver, recently and there was a person there we were doing a clearance with, and Mahatma and archangel Michael, and this person came to me afterwards and said, that was brilliant, you cleared two hundred thousand years’ worth of rubbish. And I’m a great friend of archangel Michael’s, the guy said, and when I asked Michael why he never cleared this stuff, he said because you never asked me, man. So you’ve always got to ask. Don’t expect anything to happen unless you ask. This angel Sandalphon, he’s the grounding angel, and if you say Sandalphon ground me he’s always very very happy to oblige So, we’ll just tell you now that the first bit of chit chat that was given, was given by Vywamus, channelled through me by Vywamus. This being Vywamus is, you could say, a cosmic aspect of our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, and he very much works with the Mahatma energy and information on the Mahatma energy. The second part of it, the star tetrahedron experiment, was done by this aspect of me that walked into this body that people think is John Armitage, the latest one last January – as far as walk-ins are concerned this body has been like a weigh station since I was about seven months old – he’s known as Washataka. So, I’m going to stop talking now and let Mahasamatma say a few things.

This is a transcript of a session at an outdoor event called the big green gathering in the county of Wiltshire England in July this year 1997.

Channelled by John Armitage at The Big Green Gathering, Wiltshire, England, July 1997.

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