Mahatma Meditation



Let’s start with a few deep breaths, centre ourselves and quieten ourselves. With each in-breath feel yourselves being energised with the energies of Light and Love, and with each out-breath breathe out the stresses and strains of the day, the week, the life.

Centre yourself with your breaths, so now as you are breathing in just ask for permission from your Soul and your I Am Presence to carry on with this work, this grounding of the Mahatma energy. I am sure you will all find that you have a stamp and seal of approval from your I Am Presence and from your Soul to carry on this work. Feel the energy of Love flow into you through your higher chakras, through your Soul Star, which is located six to nine inches above your head. And now, just allow to flow into your body an energy which is electrical aqua-blue in colour. You may like to visualise this energy. We would ask you not to concentrate too hard on the visualisation because this will take your mind away from allowing the energy to flow through you. This is the most important part, just allowing this aqua-blue energy to flow through you. Just allow this energy to flow completely through your cellular structure, completely through your molecular structure, because this electric aqua-blue is a colour which is a great conductor of energies. It allows other energies to flow. So feel the electric aqua-blue flowing through you.

Now, through visualisation, open up this channel of energy from your Soul Star to your Earth Star. between your feet. This channel of energy goes through all your physical body chakras. Just feel the energy opening, opening this channel, and as the energy flows through the channel becomes wider and clearer. This electrical aqua-blue clears out all the debris, and all your physical body chakras come into harmony and balance.

So now invite the Mahatma energy, simply by repeating the name “Mahatma” and allow its gold aspect to flow through you, and through your channel into the Earth. Just allow the word “Mahatma” to flow through your mind. This will link you in with the I Am Presence of the Source. Now bring this energy through your central channel. Allow it to radiate into all your body and into your auric field. Allow this silver and gold energy to start permeating your cellular structure and your aura, expanding your aura with the energy of the Mahatma. And as you fill your aura and your cellular structure with the Mahatma, allow it to flow through your feet and your Earth Star into the Earth. If you are having difficulty with grounding, ask the Archangel Sandalphon to help you in this grounding process. He always appreciates being called on.

Now move your attention to the area of your back, between your shoulder blades, where your thymus gland is. This is your true heart chakra. Many ones would know it as the higher heart. Allow this energy of Mahatma to flow in through your heart chakra, to energise your heart chakra, and to open you up to these feelings of love, these feelings of light. Feel your heart chakra opening up like a satellite dish, drawing in the silver and gold energy of love. And now as this energy of love is flowing through you, I’d like you to just say in your minds: “Trigger the Light, the Light, the Light. Trigger the Light, the Light, the Light.”

Now I would ask you to see this Light flowing more and more into your cellular structure. See in your mind’s eye, your third eye, or using your clairvoyance, see yourself becoming more Light. See this Light permeating the totality of your physical   body. You will find that there is no resistance from the past holding you back. No resistance stopping your cellular structure from becoming Light. This energy of Mahatma has never been misused, so therefore you don’t have cellular memory about being harmed by this energy. Feel this Light expanding into your aura, and again repeat in your minds; “Trigger the Light, Light, Light.” And as you repeat this word “Light. Light, Light”, feel the Light expanding further within you. Feel yourself becoming Light.

Now at this stage it is as well to know that your subconscious mind does not know, because of its subconscious’s, that you are a fourth/fifth dimensional being.

So now make the affirmation within your mind: “I am a fourth/fifth dimensional being. I am Light.” And now repeat in your minds; “Now you know, now you understand, that what you have just witnessed on a cellular Level has nothing to do with the third dimension.” And now repeat: “I affirm my four body system is now fourth dimensional. I Am That I Am.”

And now I would ask you to visualise your four body system.. First of all be aware of your physical body, to which your etheric body is attached. Then your emotional body, which is nine inches beyond your physical body. Then your mental body, which is about sixteen inches beyond your emotional body. And beyond your mental body is your spiritual body, which is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

I would also ask you to think of the reason why you are in your physical body. It’s because of your emotional body. Now by breathing out, see those things which are no longer needed being released from those areas of your cellular body that are not in harmony. As you breath out, breath out the fear from your cellular structure. As you breath in, breath in the energy of Mahatma, this silver and gold energy. After each in breath affirm, “I am the Mahatma.” And as you breath out affirm, ” I am free from fear. I am Love.”

Now we will just take a brief moment to again allow that gold and silver energy to flow through us to our Solar Stars into our cellular structure, through our Earth Stars into Mother Earth, through yourselves, and see yourselves becoming enlightened, becoming beings of Light. And now concentrate again on your out-breaths, breathing out to release that crystallised third dimensional consciousness. On the out breaths see it leaving your physical body, passing through your emotional body, through your mental body and into your spiritual body, (this spiritual body of course is your Lightbody ). See this crystallisation of fear. See these crystallisation’s of misdirected energies being transformed into Light.

Now let us concentrate on the opening of our physical body chakras, starting with the base chakra. Breath deeply, and breath through your base chakra. And as you breath out of your base chakra, see all these energies that have disassociated themselves from the Light, moving out through the emotional and mental body, into the Light. Saadalphon will help us with the grounding into the Earth. Again feel the energy of Mahatma enlightening your cellular structure, and see that your entire four body system is becoming Light. Your entire four body system is becoming Love.

Now see and feel the energy of Mahatma permeating your entire body and energy body and energy field. And again, release into the Earth all these accumulated energies that are not of the Light, and allow the Mahatma to flow into your base chakra. Again, concentrating on your base chakra, repeat : “Trigger the Light, the Light, the Light.

Expand, expand, expand into the Light. Expand into the Light.”

Now we move to our second chakra. This is the polarity chakra, and it is important to integrate the two polarities, male and female, the right and left side of this chakra. See your second chakra spinning as one energy, the yin/yang symbol in the middle of it. See this yin/yang turning to white.

Now let us move to the third chakra. Again see this third chakra becoming empowered with the Mahatma, with this energy that is clearing out all the accumulated energies, and again trigger this chakra with the Light. Repeat again:

“Trigger the Light, the Light, the Light. I affirm I am Light.”

Now let us go to our fourth chakra. And again see this chakra spinning in a balanced way, energised with this gold and silver energy, and again make the affirmation: “Trigger the Light, trigger the Light, trigger the Light. I affirm I am Light.” Allow your heart to open even more, and feel this expansion of the Light, this expansion of the Love within your hearts.

So now let us bring this Light into our throat chakras, activating our throat chakras with this energy of Mahatma, this energy of Love, so that we may speak about Love. so that we may convey the idea and the energy of Love with our voices to others, that we may verbally channel this energy of Love. And again, as you see your throat becoming Light, repeat the affirmation: “Trigger the Light, trigger the Light, trigger the Light. I affirm I am Love, I affirm that I am Light.”

Now let us move to our Third Eye. and again for this energy flowing through our Third Eye, activating our clairvoyant and channelling abilities, that we may use them in association with the Light, so that we may channel words, channel pictures which will help the rest of humanity to realise the Love. So again for this energy of Mahatma, this energy, of Love, cleaning out the accumulated energies that are not working in accordance with Divine Will, and again: “Trigger the Light, trigger the Light, trigger the Light.” Affirm that your sixth chakra is Mahatma.

And now let us move to our crown chakras. This chakra is like a thousand petalled lotus, a lotus with a thousand petals. See it becoming an open flower, and cascading into it this energy of Light and Love, this gold and silver energy of Mahatma flowing through your thousand petalled lotus, through your open channel, through all your other balances chakras, and through your Earth Star into the Earth. Again trigger this chakra with the Light. “Trigger the Light, trigger the Light, trigger the Light. I affirm I am Light.”

And then if you visualise two meters, or five to seven feet above your crown chakra a star. We will call this your Source Star. This, my brothers and sisters, is your twelfth chakra, your twelfth chakra. Visualise a golden thread between your twelfth chakra and your crown chakra. Just visualise this golden thread connecting this star with your thousand petalled lotus in the top of your head. See and feel this gold thread becoming stronger, firmly connecting you between your twelfth chakra and your crown chakra. As you build this golden thread it will expand into a channel, and through this channel you will be able to bring your creative abilities through, which are inherent in you. Once you have built this channel connect this with your developing channel from the crown chakra to the Earth, and expand and expand, constantly taking the Mahatma energy, from Earth to Source and Source to Earth, over and over again, and as you do this, expand this tube, expand this channel. So just bring the energy, from your twelfth chakra, this Source Star, through your crown, through your body, back through to your Earth Star, and then bring the energy upwards again to your Soul Star.

Now expand and expand, until there is nothing but Light.

These exercises are the beginnings of your journey through the three hundred and fifty -two levels from Source to Earth, and from Earth to Source. With this activation of your twelfth chakra is possible for you to go onwards and upwards, through all the levels, to the Source of Mahatma. Now feel yourselves becoming connected though all the three hundred and fifty-two Levels, right down to the Earth, and allow that energy of Mahatma to flow.

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