Meditation at Petra in Jordan

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images (11)Yesterday we had the Rhuim El Hiri experience. It would be nice for 10-15 minutes to bring in all the different energies we have experienced on the trip and balance them in our bodies. Open your hearts. Take some deep breaths.

I call upon your I AM Presences and Monads, your true selves. I ask for a team of angels, archangels, and other beings that can assist us in balancing all these energies we have experienced within us, and I am also going to create a vortex around us. Vortex create, create, create, and connect this vortex with Alcyone, Central Sun, and then through to the Galactic Center and through into the center of the Microtronic Universe or Shekinah Universe. I call for a download of the microtronic energy, and I ask in accordance with Divine Will and your I AM Presences that microtronic energy flows in harmony and balance. This microtronic energy has the potential for a very wide ranging transformation and transmutation. It’s personal choice. You can open yourself to the microtronic energies and affirm you are open to receive. “Ask and you shall receive” in the words of the Master. We give you a few moments to ask and affirm. We give you the opportunity to look into the dark corners of your mind and ego. What aspects of denial are you holding onto? The denial of your divinity and your essence of Divine Love. We give you time to think about this and invite the microtron in for transmutation of these aspects of yourself.

Now I ground the microtronic energy in a more focused way. For those who would be open to receive, just say “I AM” to receive a physical and etheric lightbody and auric activation of the microtron. Grounding, grounding, grounding, activating, activating, activating. There is potential for holding expanded light in the physical structures. Everyone’s potential is individual. This microtronic energy will transmute the components of physical structure. Again, I call upon El Shaddai and ask that the light of El Shaddai is given to each individual in accordance with their own capacity. Grounding, grounding, grounding, activating, activating, activating.

Meditation at Petra in Jordan, Nov. 23, 2010, channeled by John Armitage

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