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tanka-padmasambhava1Let’s put our attention in our hearts, allow the laughter to flow into our hearts as well, lighten our minds. Remember, we can laugh ourselves to enlightenment. So we open our hearts, open our hearts, open our hearts. I have a being here who’s an old friend of mine, who wants to do the meditation. His name is Padma Sam Bhava.

Padma Sam Bhava I am. Some of you may know that I am the being that brought the Buddhism to Tibet, the founder and builder of the first Buddhist temple in Tibet. I also was the being that encouraged the spread of Buddhism to other parts of that world. I come to be with you in this meditation to Lhassa. Please continue to open the hearts, open the hearts. I will also call in the pure energy of the heart of the Buddha. The pure energy of the heart of the Buddha is the totality of Divine Balance, integrating the understanding that it is only what is called the middle path that will take us to enlightenment, and the next level of ascension. So I call in this energy of the middle path, and the true essence of compassion and love that the Buddha brought to us.

So allow the true essence of this compassion and love into your hearts. Open the doors of your hearts and allow this energy to come, and allow your hearts to welcome it, as though it is a long-lost friend. Although you may consider that this love and compassion is just visiting your heart, I would respectfully suggest that once it makes a visit to your heart, that it does not leave. For the love and compassion will stay with you for now and evermore, if you do not treat it as a visitor. Integrate the visitor into your family. I use the word family as a metaphor. Let’s say the family I’m referring to is all the components of your body, and all the other beings in your body and upon your body that allow your body to function, as a functioning unit. So please allow the compassion to keep coming in. The heart opening (x3).

I will give you an illustration of some of the actions of the Buddha. In the lifetime before the Buddha reached enlightenment, he was still a very compassionate person, compassionate to all beings. One day he was high in the mountains in this country you now know as Nepal, and he saw a female tiger who had cubs. She had a large thorn in one of her feet, which had caused her to hardly be able to walk, let alone hunt to feed her family.  The Buddha asked the tiger, “My dear tiger, is there anything that I can do to help you, to assure that your family lives?” The tiger said, “I cannot hunt. So therefore I have not much milk. My children are hungry and will probably die.” The Buddha said, “OK you can eat me if you wish, to save your family.” This is a great illustration of compassion for others, and no thought for the result for Self. Also integrating the understanding that all life is transient. You come, you go, and you may return, or you may not return, whatever your wishes are. But you will always be alive. The true Self never experiences the changing consciousness that humans refer to as death.

So now I ask you to allow the compassion of this life of the Buddha’s to flow into you. I am not making the suggestion that you sacrifice yourself in all ways, just that you open yourself to this compassion and love, and to this paying attention to and caring for other beings.

So now in Tibet we have a number of places where there are very focused ascension activation energies. It is the choice of the channel that we will go to the Patola in Lhassa. Here in the center of the Patola is a very very strong energy vortex, which is focused with the multidimensional and multi level ascension energies. So this is where we will go.

You have been taking part in these different exercises to project yourselves and project your consciousnesses to different places, so you are familiar with the process. I would remind you again, please, open heart, open heart, open heart. Allow the love to flow to you, through you, from you. Allow yourself to become a true radiator of this Divine Love, full of compassion, full of non-judgment, and totally beyond fear. Many times beings are experiencing this energy of fear, because they are not knowing what it is like to make changes and be free. There is nothing to fear in freedom.  Nothing to fear in freedom. Because freedom IS freedom from fear. So we are asking you to put aside all energies of fear, for there is nothing to fear but the fear itself. If you do not relate to the energy of it, it cannot affect you.

So I am also asking you respectfully to make a decision that you are willing to be free. That you are willing to be free NOW–not in 2012, not in 2030, not in 2025, or even at 6 o’clock this evening. Make a conscious affirmation to yourself, and a promise to yourself, that you are willing to be free NOW. This will assist you in integrating this compassion. This will assist you in integrating this Divine Love that we speak of.

So please continue opening the hearts more and more and more, and allow this radiation to flow from you, to flow into the hearts of the people around you to flow into the hearts of all beings on the planet. Flow, flow, flow. Receive, receive, receive. Radiate, radiate, radiate. Receive, receive, receive. Flow, flow, flow. Radiate, radiate, radiate.

With each of your breaths you could visualize yourself becoming lighter and lighter and lighter; more light coming into your body, more light holding in your body. Let us sit for a few moments breathing, and let us see if you are far enough beyond the relationship with fear to allow yourself to be lighter and lighter and lighter. …

Now we are generating an even brighter light ship. It is glowing through the universe! So let us use it to take ourselves to Lhassa, the roof of the world. And as we arrive over Lhassa, of course, there are many temples. Many of them are shining a bright light into the universe. Our destinationis Patola. So let us go down, down, down into the Patola.

Here I have arranged for a number of the ascended followers of the Buddha to meet you. They will stand around the edges of the vortex, and they also will open their channels and allow more of this love and compassion to flow through them and ground. As you sit in a circle within them, they will sit in a circle around the outside.

Here we are going to connect with what our channel would call another parallel universe, often known as the Shekineh Universe. As a parallel universe it is merely a reflection of an expanded vibration of this universe in which you live, simultaneously in space and time, close with the Microtronic Universe and other universes also. Your universe of course is known as the Melchizedek Universe.

So we will open a channel or column of energy which will flow to your central sun, Alcyone. I will open up an energy gateway on Alcyone, through which the energy from the Shekineh Universe can flow. We will activate the central sun of the Shekineh Universe, the central sun responsible for radiating the energies of the Shekineh Universe. Bring it through Alcyone, your central sun, into the vortex. Now as you are sitting around the vortex the monks are around you and they are bringing it also through their bodies, through their energy systems. Now is the time I ask you to make a conscious choice, according to the will of your I Am, your monad, your Divine Self, as you know–it is very important that everything happens with permission from your selves. We may know a lot of things that can assist you, but we cannot force you to do anything in violation of your free will. That is not acting in compassion. Violation of free will is not compassion. So you must give permission if you want to receive. So give your permission or not, as you will. We have no judgment against you either way.

So now we activate these energies which will assist you in integrating the information from the Shekinah Universe, which will give you your next individual level, it will give you a boost, or a step up shall we say. Some have asked, ”Why does it sometimes take a long time for things to happen? for some people it can be instantaneous, and for others it takes a long time ” This is all personal choice from your I Am, your personal Source, and also it is related to choices you may make in 3D. These choices could be on a subconscious level. You don’t know them with your mind. So don’t question the time frame. Just allow it to happen when it will.

So we activate this (x3). …

Now I am going to call upon all the Buddhist angels, or the Tibetan angels if you would like to see them, the Bodhisatvas. There are many of them with all kinds of different tasks assigned to them by the One Source. And I ask that the Bodhisatvas also surround the circle of monks. I ask that they also radiate their compassion to you, so it may further assist you to integrate this Shekinah energy. So if you would like to receive this next radiation of the Shekinah, just say “yes” if it is relevant for you. The Bodhisatvas will bring it now. Within this compassion will be pieces of information that will have profound effects on your physiology, and your multidimensional bodies. Please just sit back and enjoy for the moment. …

Now we will activate this in accordance with the Divine I Ams, the Divine Monadic Selves. Activating (x3) …

In this area of our planet I make a humble suggestion that we also visit another place, that holds very strongly the energies of transformation and change. This place is known as Kalish. It is said it is the etheric retreat of this being we know as Shiva. Many beings call Shiva God. It is not a total untruth, for all is God. Shiva is the being that brings distinct energy of change. Shiva can assist in the destruction of all things that are holding us and tying lus to this limited reality. Shiva is known as the being who dances the universe into change, or the end of a round of creation dances the universe into oblivion, dissolves everything–so that the being known as Brahma can breathe in, and the whole of creation is absorbed back into the body of Source. This is why we say there never was a time you were not or will not be.

So let us thank the Bodhisatvas and the monks, and we will leave this place and go to Galish? in the snow. Here I have asked for the presence of Shiva. He sits meditating on top of the mountain in the snow. We arrive. The energy of Shiva is not sometimes compatible with all people, because they are afraid of change. We ask you to come through your fear, do not relate to it. We will sit in the vortex of Shiva. Just in accordance with your will and the will of your Divine Selves, I will ask Shiva on your behalf to assist you of letting go of things that are holding you; whether it is imbalances in your bodies, imbalances in your minds, irrational fear…

So Shiva, bring the gentleness of the masculine aspect of God, the nurturing supporting and always present balance of the Father energy. With the balance of this Father energy in our lives, may it assist all of you to know that Mother/Father God is here, and you ARE Mother/Father God, so you don’t need to find it, you ARE it. You don’t need to search for the balance, the balance is within you, if you allow it.

Om nama Shiva ya Shiva ya nom (chanted many times)
OOOOOmmmmmmmm. …

We return to our bodies now. Bring our consciousness to the workspace. I Padma will be leaving the channel. I leave you in the compassionate flow of the Buddha’s heart, the compassionate flow of my own energy.

Channelled by John Armitage 

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