Meditation on the Christed Energy

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christ_lightThis is the beach where Jesus was with his disciples and they had been fishing all night and caught nothing. Jesus appeared and told them to throw their nets out into the sea, and when they pulled them in, they were full of fish. We have 2 energies to integrate here. The lesson is about faith and trust and trust in the self and the universe. Also in this place, Jesus had some very personal interaction with Peter. It says in the Bible Peter denied Christ. The ultimate story is to remind you if Peter had said at that time, yes I know him very well, he probably would have been dead. That was a test because when Jesus told him to do it, he would have had difficulty because he was devoted to Jesus, and it would have been difficult to say no I don’t.

So it was here Jesus said to Peter, “Do you love me?” Three times Peter said “yes”. What Jesus did was he handed over the leadership to Peter. It says in the Bible he handed over the Christian ministy to Peter. He handed over the ministry of Christ consciousness, not the Christian ministry. Remember, Sananda says “I was never Jesus Christ, but Jesus the Christed, because I’d integrated the Christed energy”. I wanted to bring everyone to this place so we could focus ourselves further in the integration of this energy we call Christ consciousness. Sananda says, when we talk about the integration of the Christ consciousness, for those of you that want to accept, this is┬áChrist consciousness passed into your own hands–that is, keys are being┬áput into your hands. The keys are in your hands to unlock the doors of your heart. Without doing some complicated meditation, Sananda asks me to connect to the multi-dimensional Christ consciousness grids and, as we are connecting with these grids, you are invited to open your energy systems to this energy of Christ consciousness and become Christed yourselves., You can sit and make your own affirmations of openness and acceptance on whatever level is relevant for you, and affirm you are open to receive and to be connected to this Christed energy.

Meditation on the Christed Energy, channeled by John Armitage, Nov. 20, 2010, Capernaum, Israel, on a beach overlooking the Sea of Galilee

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