Meditation with Archangel Metatron: Connecting with the Heart of Source and the cosmic aspects of yourself


archangel-metatronTake a few deep breaths and close your eyes. First of all I am going to call upon Metatron. Metatron, I ask that you start to bring your energy through the stargate and I open the stargate to your energy, and the stargate starts to generate the energy of unseen light.

Good afternoon I am Metatron that speaks to you. First of all of course, I will make some fun with you saying I am not Lord Metatron. I am an archangel as you have been informed, I am the generator of both physical light and unseen light within your aspect of creation, also the sacred geometry emanates from my consciousness.

We are going to take you on, shall we call it a nice adventure, and as I radiate this light through the stargate, I ask you if you are willing to accept, to affirm that you are open to receive.

So now I further focus my energies through the Merkaba-star and the stargate begins to radiate this expanded light. The light begins to activate the sacred geometry within your consciousness. It activates the sacred geometry in your cellular structure, in your DNA, your RNA. It also activates the sacred geometry in the water that your body is mostly composed of.

As these activations continue to take place, I will also as well send energy through the heart chakra and hands of this channel, activate, activate, activate. We will now sit quietly to allow this process to take place.

I am going to call in the cosmic aspect of myself, and as I call in the cosmic aspect of myself, I connect with this multidimensional aspect and open up the energy channel around my energy channel into the Merkaba-star. So now I am going to start to bring aspects of what we call the cosmic sacred geometry through the star and into the gate and radiate. Again, if you wish to receive this energy you need to affirm you are open.

I am going to start to download through the gate these streams of mathematical information in combination with the cosmic sacred geometry.

This is going to bring about a change in the atomic structures of your body. I will remind you at this time that actually your body is not anything solid, just the same as 3rd dimensional reality is not solid; you have only agreed to experience it that way. Your bodies are composed of energetic wave forms, these are the building blocks of this reality.

This cosmic sacred geometry with these cosmic mathematical sequences will bring about changes in the wave forms that compose your being. You may inquire to yourself what will be the result of this; the result will be that actually you will become a refined form of light. Remember as you expand the consciousness and you take your steps in your personal ascension processes, it is necessary that your body changes so it may hold an expanded vibration of light, so the sequences are downloaded through the stargate, and they activate, activate, activate.

Now also in this time I will give you another invitation. The true nature of yourself is beyond the understanding of your 3rd dimensional mind. You may have realized on one level that ok, you have your I am presence and your Monad or Divine Selves, and it is necessary now to understand in the best way you can, that also as well you have cosmic aspects of yourself, and these cosmic aspects of yourself have full knowledge of this creation or what we call this cosmic day. This is what we call creation, a cosmic day.

So now I invite you to invite your own cosmic aspects to connect with you as individuals. You will of course download this link of energy through your Monad and your I am presence or through your Divine Selves and I Am -presence. It comes from the 8th dimension of your I Am -presence to the physical now. Remember again, this is totally beyond mind.

So as this cosmic aspect of yourselves passes on this energy to you, it begins to activate other levels of the sacred geometry, and the construction of the energies of your body. The vibrational frequencies of your body start to increase, increase.

These frequencies cannot do any damage to your energy system, or to the construction of your physical body because your I am -presence and your Divine Selves knows exactly how much to download.

You can though, increase the frequencies that are brought to you by affirming again, and when you use theses affirmations always use them in sequences of three; I affirm I am open to receive, I am that I am; I affirm I am open to receive, I am that I am; I affirm I am open to receive, I am that I am.

Of course it is all up to the free will of the individual, we only extend an invitation to you. The stargate begins to vibrate on these cosmic frequencies, these expanded cosmic frequencies, expand, expand, expand.

So now I am going to co-join my energies with another being. I am going to co-join my energies with a being known as Vywamus. And as my energies and the energies of Vywamus start to merge together, first of all we are going to call upon the Mahatma energy. This energy flows from the Heart of Source. There is nothing but the pure divinity of love beyond judgment and duality. And if you which this, also invite this energy flow to you.

It flows through the stargate. When this Mahatma energy comes through, it starts to interact with the sacred geometry, with the mathematical sequences, for further activations. Now we will be sitting quietly for a while. Please continue just to breath and allow, allow, allow. Don’t allow your thought processes to interrupt. Just allow your thought processes to continue as a bus you don’t want to catch.

I ask the source to activate the channel between the Mahatma Heart and the Cosmic Heart, and as we link with the Cosmic Heart, we don’t have a previous name for this, so we will call it the cosmic aspect of the Mahatma energy and we bring this through the star into the gate. Now I ask you again to invite this energy into building up the connection between your physical heart and the higher heart chakra.

We have forwarded you in the past that you have multidimensional presences or multidimensional bodies if you like to call it this. Of course these bodies are not like your physical body; they don’t have the composition and they don’t have the same shape or form. Within these multidimensional presences you also have systems of energy, or what you call chakras in 3D. You have the equivalent of heart chakras. So now with this energy that is flowing through the gate from the Cosmic Heart of Source, we are going to activate and connect the heart chakras throughout the multidimensional presences to the 12th dimension.

Again we are seeking permissions. For those that have given their permission, I create this linking and this activation now. Activate, activate, activate. Stronger connections generate in your physical heart chakras, in the connection between the two, because more present, more open, more allowing.

So now we begin to open the channels to the cosmic aspects of yourselves and link with the cosmic aspect of Source. There is created a direct link with the Cosmic Heart of Source. You may now invite the Cosmic Heart of Source to flow into your physical heart chakras through all these connections.

You are being offered an opportunity to anchor the Cosmic Heart in yourself. It is your own choice to choose. We will radiate the vibration through the stargate to assist you in this integration, if you have chosen it. Radiates, radiates, radiates this vibration to assist the integration. There was a time when we all extended an invitation to you to affirm your conscious connection with Mother / Father Source by affirming: Mother/Father God I am an instrument of your will, I am one with you. This brings about a waking up of the truth in your cellular structure that you are not separate from creation. Now we invite you to consciously affirm that; Mother / Father Source, I affirm I am one with your Cosmic Heart and I am open to manifest your Cosmic Heart in this 3rd dimensional reality, and to radiate this cosmic love, this divinity of love.

We invite these energies of cosmic love through the physical body. And now we suggest that this would be a perfect time to actually forgive yourselves for anything and everything. Affirm that you are open to this forgiveness, and the energy of cosmic love transmutes all memory that is not in line with this cosmic love.
Of course, again you have free will, I ask you to just affirm in your minds; I forgive, I forgive, I forgive, I am the purity of this cosmic love. And now you are invited to extend this forgiveness to all of the beings in creation.

So let’s allow this cosmic love now into your light bodies, coupled with the cosmic sacred geometry. It brings about an activation of the cosmic aspects of your bodies of light. This will assist you also in the ability to integrate these vibrations. So now again we activate, activate, activate.

We are going to withdraw our energies from the body of the channel now, so that this processes may take place within the body of the channel without hinders. We are though going to focus continuously our energies through the gate. So this will be my last piece of verbal communication with you, of course unless you want to listen to me personally on other levels.

I will thank you for your attention, thank you for your openness and willingness. Most of all thank you for your service. For allowing yourself go through these processes you are actually preforming planetary service. This is the first time these opportunities have been offered upon the earth, and it is like everything: somebody has to make a start. So if you ever have this burning desire to be in planetary service, you have been in planetary service and you will continue to be in planetary service, because this will radiate from you, it will flow through you, and it will create a situation that others can link with it. So I thank you for this!

I now depart the channel. We start now to bring our consciousness outwards slowly, slowly.

Stargate workshop, Spain, April 2014
John Armitage

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