Meditation with Germain


transformation (1)Good Morning, good morning, good morning. This is the energy that you know as Germain. As my friend here says, I have been standing back and standing back and standing back, each day that you have been gathered. Of course, I have done this with lightness in my energy and happiness in my heart, for I knew that I would have the opportunity to speak with you, the members of the Violet Tribe. Also I am happy to share words of energy with those who have not knowingly become members of the Violet Tribe, or done Shamballa or New Paradigm, but who are called to gather with us. So I extend this very good morning to everybody. I also extend the energies of my heart, the Divine Love, the Cosmic Love, to all present here, but not only to all present here in the physical, but to all the Violet Tribe who may have opportunity to read or hear my words. I do extend my love to all of you.

And not only that, I extend my admiration for you, for I Germain have been incarnate in physical realities on a number of occasions. Before I’ve taken this level of ascension I have achieved now, I did live through many adventures. Many things happened which were rather challenging on this level. I would encourage you to understand that, when you live through these challenges in life in the 3rd dimension, the result of it is, if you keep focused in your heart, or if you lose focus, you return to the focus of the Love in your heart, you will find when you look within yourself that actually you are a stronger person. It is not your faith that is stronger, but you are just stronger in this reality, you are able to deal with and process things in a more understanding and loving way.

So I encourage you to please understand that life really is an adventure. Life in the 3rd dimension is deliberately designed to bring about change. The challenges which may be put before you, either by yourself or others, are designed to bring you into another level of understanding and strength. I am always asking you through this channel, through which I speak, to please don’t hold on to the past and the judgments of yourself for what has happened int the past, for the way that you may have reacted, maybe in anger, maybe in other versions or instances of denial and so on. Just understand that it is just an adventure that is leading you back to the perfection of the knowingness that you are One with Source, that you are One with creation, that you are One with everything.

So this is, you may say, my “pep talk” to you this morning. But really, I say that in a light-hearted way, because it is not passed to you in the energy of a pep talk. There is a difference between a pep talk and encouragement. So, I am doing what I can to encourage you to go through life’s challenges and to accept the challenges and come to terms with them, for as I said, you will become a stronger person in yourself, you will have a stronger and enhanced connection with this Divinity that is the essence of the universe. You will be able to, shall we say, stand up straighter in the storms of life. Remember, that when I use the phrase “the storms of life”, I ask you to look into your mind and your memory and ask yourself, “Have i ever stood outside on a dark night and watched the lightening flashing through the sky, and hearing the thunder, and saying to yourself, “This is a marvel of creation! This is exciting! This is wonderful!”

So, you see, I am asking you to approach the storms of life in different way. Approach them in wonderment, instead of being fearful, or integrating a thought in your mind that, “This is terrible. I cannot deal with this and I cannot live this.” See the beauty in the challenges. See that it is brought to you so that you may outwardly shine and inwardly shine true essence of yourself.

I have been observing, of course. I am always observing. I am not standing in the multidimensional reality with a notebook. I am not making notes about each and every one of you and keeping a record of your activities. I am generally observing, mostly, the reactions of the members of the Violet Tribe to the energies of change, these challenges that face you in your lives.

I am also, as well, of course, encouraging you energetically with my love, and encouraging you through words that the channel may allow me to bring through, that to know that change is in the air. It is not only in the air, it is in the ethers. It is not only in the ethers, it is in the flow of creation. And this change, you are having a very, very focused part to play in this. You are, shall we say, key players in the change. Of course, you are not the only ones. There are many thousands and thousands and thousands of beings also playing their part in this change. But nevertheless you are part of it, and the activities that you have been involved with over these days here, I would convey to you that you have created a further trigger for change. And of course, this change is planetary change. You have heard so many times, also, that as you change, reality changes. The old phrase, “Be the change that you would like to see” and so on.

So, you yourselves are changing. The planetary energies are changing. The galactic and universal energies are changing, because now there is a more and more open flow of energy. The lenses or the vortexes or portals, whatever you would like to call them, have actually been expanded. The very fabric of these portals has been transmuted. I will use another phrase that you may more easily relate to: they have been re-programmed. I only ask you to understand that I use this phrase to assist your minds to integrate the nature of the changes that you have facilitated. This phrase “re-programmed” can be misunderstood by many, so we ask you not to go out from here and say,”We have re-programmed the portals.” This will aggravate the egos of many. It will have the opposite effect to what we are doing our best to facilitate. Of course, again that is change.

The portals have expanded. Their capabilities of grounding, processing energy, both in receiving and transmitting have been expanded. You could say, my channel being a person you loves electronics, we could say that “the chips have been replaced.” Or if we look at it from the point of view of these operating systems from our old friends at Microsoft or Apple, a new operating system has been inserted. Just like you have the upgrades in your electronic computers, allows them to do more things, allows you to do more things, communicate faster, process information faster. So this is the analogy of things.

Many are also wondering about Shamballa, New Paradigm, what’s happening, where is it going? What are the plans of the founder, himself? What are the plans of myself, Germain, for this? It is very, very simple to explain to you what my vision is, and the vision that I pass on to the—he ’s often not very happy when I say this, but we will call him right now the Leader of the Violet Tribe in the 3rd dimension.

What are our visions? Well, I have visions and I do what I can to pass them on to him. Sometimes he doesn’t see it. He sometimes has visions that he passes on to me, and I don’t see it. So, we do our best to work together, and although I have had many lifetimes in the 3rd dimensional reality, I am not there now. I will freely admit to you that sometimes, when I pass on my vision, he passes on the vision to the others, and then things start to happen. Then I sit back in wonderment here in multidimensional reality, and I say to myself, “Really I should put more effort into understanding the way that the human ego works, and the human mind works.”

So I ask him. And his reply sometimes is, “Well, Germain, I’m doing my best to understand it, myself.” So then we both sit back and say, OK, how will we deal with the situation? I must admit that sometimes he says, “Germain how do I deal with this?” And I reply, “I don’t understand, so you deal with it.” So vice versa this happens as well.

So you should understand, all of you, that actually each individual is in a process of unfoldment. Your 3rd dimensional reality is in a process of unfoldment. Multidimensional reality is in a process of unfoldment. The whole of creation is in the process of unfoldment, and most of the time, actually, we are not sure of what the result is going to be. Remember, we are not in charge of this. So I ask you to surf the wave of Love. Surf the wave of Divine Light.

You have been bringing in now the energy of the Cosmic Heart, the Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Heart of Source. This is going to, again I say, bring further expansions. It’s also going to bring further expanded energy into the philosophy of New Paradigm or Shamballa. Shamballa, or New Paradigm, has been expanding anyway organically from the beginning. This is in relationship to universal energies, of course, and it will continue to do so.

So we ask you all to understand this. Remember, you cannot stand in one place and affirm in another voice that you would like to be somewhere else, because if you don’t move, you will stay where you are. Again, I remind you that life is change, creation is change. It is the nature of it. So please, accept the changes with gladness in your heart, and say to yourselves, “OK. I am finished with trying to stay where I was. I am finished with attempting to be normal,” or the normal that you have come to accept as normal. For there is no such thing. Normal is just another aspect of the illusion of ego. There is nothing normal. Everything is in flux, opening, blooming, flowering, expanding. So approach the expansion with a sense of adventure.

Human life is a great gift. Many humans don’t see this; they think it’s a punishment. But it’s a great gift. Living in a human body is a marvelous experience. In a human body you can experience things that we no longer can. You can experience the tenderness of looking into somebody’s eyes. You can put your arms around a person and feel their energy, feel the warmth that the body radiates, feel the energy flowing through the hearts. You can look at a flower, see the beauty and smell it. You can eat things. You can experience taste. Many, many, many sensations of the senses that you have. You can be one with each other; love, love, love, love, love. This is a great gift! I would ask you to start to understand that the physical body is the temple of the soul. The physical body is a temple. It is a marvel. There is so much that you can experience through it.

So please, do what you can to see this gift, and live your life in the fullness of this reality. And when the time comes that your I am Presence says, “It is time for me to leave,” then also depart in joy. And also, as well I would ask you, to please understand that when others choose to go, it is because their I Am Presence has completed this incarnation. So I ask you to approach these kind of things with joy in your heart, with happiness and gladness that the beings have had the experience of life in this reality, and now it is time to experience the marvels of life in another reality.

So, my brothers and sisters of the Violet Tribe, this is my communication with you today. Encouragement, encouragement, and encouragement. Remember, you are a unique thing in creation, each and every one of you. Never forget this. It has been said, I know, over the days, that you are like snowflakes. You probably know that no two snowflakes are the same, although when they come together, they seem like snow. You don’t see them as individuals. And many, they look at humanity and think, this is humanity, and everybody should be this. But if you take the individual components of humanity, just like if you take the individual snowflake, and you observe it, it is a unique manifestation of the beauty, the energy, the Love, the Divinity that flows from Source.

OK, my friends. I will now just say to you, join together with your Sacred Hearts. And as you join together with your Sacred Hearts, we will create a chakra of this Cosmic Love, the Sacred Heart of Source, the Cosmic Heart of Source. And as this chakra manifests, this energy vortex expands and expands your Sacred Hearts also. Start resonating in a harmonious way with each other, and this harmony manifests as celestial music. You know, most of you, what it’s like when you link with music, whether it is classical music, whether it is New Age music, whether it is reggae music, whether it is rock and roll, whether it is punk, or whatever it is, you know what it does to you. It resonates with you, makes you feel different. It raises your spirits.

Now as your hearts connect, this chakra expands. There is a vibration of celestial music radiating across the universe. As it radiates across the universe, let us just send a focused reverberation of this celestial music to the beings who, whose I Am Presences, will accept and utilize this music. So, for all the people that we know, for all the people that you know, and actually, for all the people in creation that would like to receive an influx of this celestial sound of the Divinity of Love, let us now just open and radiate into the vortex. Radiating, radiating, radiating.

So OK, I, Germain will depart the channel, though I don’t depart from this place where you are having your activities. As I say to you, I have been here present with you, just as I am with you when you are facilitating your classes, or when you are facilitating in other ways for people. Remember, we can be in millions of places simultaneously. We are unlimited by the limitations of a physical body. We are consciousness pure. If you would like to have some more focused interaction with my energy, well then, of course, it is necessary to ask. Your lives are encoded with this energy that you call free will, and none of us are authorized to interfere with that. So it is always necessary to ask. Again, as the channel often says, ask and you shall receive. It is sure that this is the way the universe and creation works. So I will leave you with a focused and open influx of this energy from the Cosmic Heart.

Please understand that all of us, the multidimensional masters and others that have achieved higher levels of ascension than you have, are all continuously expanding. So I am going to pass on to you the most widest and open radiation of this energy of the Cosmic Heart that I am capable of doing in this moment of time. I am going to stand back from the channel, and I am going to focus my energy in the middle of your energetic vortex, or this chakra of Love that we have created through the linking of your Cosmic Hearts. I am going to begin to ground this in the most profound manner that I am capable of. I invite you to open yourselves to receive. So I leave the channel now. I bring in to the vortex…

So OK, on behalf of the collective consciousness of multidimensional masters, and many, many others, have asked to pass on to you the gratitude, thank you, and also as well from the I Am Presences of those that have chosen to open themselves to the energy that you have been radiating, so it is, as I have said, a heartfelt thank you. So we’ll just sit for a few more minutes. Just keep on allowing this radiation.


Channelled by John Armitage, 2014, USA

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