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maxresdefaultPlease allow your attention to go to your sacred heart.

Good morning, fellow magicians. This is the voice of Merlin. I won’t spend time telling you why we will upgrade. You have been given so much information from so many different angles that actually your egos must have some inclination that change is continuous and necessary.

We are going to link with the Sacred Hearts. I’m going to take you on a journey to a place in SW England, in the county of Cornwall. This place is known as Tintagel, and it was here that this being that you may of heard of, known as King Arthur—who was, by the way, an incarnation of Morya, or Morya was an incarnation of Arthur, to put it in the correct order—was incarnate here during a very, very dark time in planetary history, and had incarnated to do what was possible to bring in the Light, to establish the Light.

Also, as well, one of the castles that became known as Camelot was also here, as well as a Christian monastery. Now some people wonder why there are so many claims to Camelot, whether it is from the country of Wales, even the country of Belgium has places that are known as Camelot that have relations to Arthur. The thing was, Arthur was the holder of the Light. Many, many beings were not happy that the Light was being brought into the darkness of the land. So many castles were constructed, and each of these castles was known as Camelot.

The reason why all were named Camelot was that if any being inquired, “Where is Arthur?” the answer was, “He is at Camelot.” It wasn’t possible, for some beings anyway, to know his immediate physical locality.

I Merlin was incarnate here at Tintagel. Arthur had been apprenticed to the monastery. Arthur thought that he was going to be trained as a monk. Maybe even at one stage in his life he would become a bishop, or even an archbishop, who would have much to say and a great I Merlin was tasked with instructing Arthur in the ways of the Light, and in the ways of magic. Sometimes when you use this word “magic” people think of all kinds of ritual and these kinds of things. But it wasn’t that. Magic isn’t that. Magic is life! Magic is living!

Often Arthur would be absent from classes, absent from sessions of prayer and reflection. He would be with me, going through his training. Arthur was very worried that he would be in trouble with the abbott, and sometimes wondered why he was never taken to task for his absences. There was an arrangement with the abbott that he would just be under the protection of the monastery, and he was really, in all other ways, in my care and under my training.

Actually the castles of Camelot do not exist in the 3rd dimension in this time and space, but the etheric Camelots still exist, as castles that vibrate in cosmic Light, radiating, radiating. But one of the main places that I trained Arthur still exists in the 3rd dimension. If you ever go to that offshore island that’s commonly known as England, you may go there, you may experience the energy that is still present there.

So with this short explanation, I’m going to take you on a journey. And we are going to journey there in an energy vehicle that is collectively generated by the radiations, the energy of Cosmic Love through your Sacred Hearts. So now please just move into a mode of allowance, a mode that puts your mind and your ego aside, and just allow the questions to float away into multidimensional reality and take care of themselves. You do not need to relate to them.

If you cannot see what I share with you, if you cannot see what I am suggesting that you may see, please do not fight, do not struggle. For all are individuals, and just the mere intention of my words and your openness to receive will bring about the energetic changes that are necessary for you as an individual.

So we take the vibration of the Light Vehicle now to a frequency in which we can travel away to Tintagel in just a few moments. Tintagel is by the sea. We are going to arrive on top of the cliffs over the sea. A stream runs over the cliff here; this water is programmed with the Cosmic Divine Codes of Light. As it flows over the cliff, these codes are actually activated and released. You may be able to hear the sound of the waves breaking on the beach, the gurgle of the stream and the noise of the waterfall, and the seabirds flying overhead, because they are also moving in the energy of change. They are included in the change, the same as all beings. All kingdoms.

Smell the sea. Let us call upon the perfume of the sea into this room, that we have our physical presences within. Take a deep breath through your nose. Can you smell the sea, smell the seaweed as the waves break? The scent flows in in a more open and focused way. The energy generated by the sea, by the breaking waves, this ozone also energy, also enters your nose and lifts your spirits. It aerates your blood. The circulation becomes more and more even throughout your physical bodies. The ozone turns into oxygen; your bodies begin to oxygenate. They become lighter, lighter and lighter in the physical feeling.

At the same time, these cosmic light bodies in which you have arrived on the top of the clliffs, the wind is blowing through them, that is coming from the sea. The ozone has multi presences, both multidimensional, multi-galactic, multi-universal, even multi-cosmic, just the same as everything. So this ozone, these expanded levels of the frequencies blow through your cosmic light bodies, also bringing about an ability to receive in a more open and allowing manner.

We’ll stand here for awhile, and just enjoy. In your bodies, your physical bodies, continue to breathe, breathe deeply. Enjoy the smell of the sea, the influx of the ozone. Relax, relax, relax.

So now, my fellow magicians, I would ask you to look around to your right, and you will see there is a path leading down to the beach. This path is often very wet and very slippery. It has moss, and sometimes very slippery seaweed deposited in the puddles. Even in some places, when the sea is stormy, the waves sometimes wash away pieces of this path; so some places are not easily negotiable, unless you have a lot of trust and you are very sure of yourself and your footing on the pathway of life. This path represents life. In some places life is easy, in other places you have to pay attention to negotiate it so you do not fall, you do not slip.

So I, Merlin, invite you to take this pathway to the beach, and I will meet you in front of the waterfall. You could ask at this time that your Helpers and your Angels and Archangels assist you in traversing this path, just the same as you can ask them to assist you in traversing your path in life. I await your presence on the beach. …

Welcome to the beach! Feel the sand beneath your feet. The sand is composed of crystals, silica dioxide, just like all the sand is composed of, sometimes with other elements mixed, which make different colors in the sand, maybe make pebbles and the stones present have different colors and patterns within them—part of the beauty of the manifestation of your brothers and sisters that you may know of as the mineral world, the mineral kingdom.

As we stand in front of the waterfall, the water is falling over, it is rushing down over the cliff, landing on the beach. This water contains Divine Light Codes of cosmic frequencies. Of course, you may have manifested in your light body; you may have manifested yourself wearing clothing like you do in the 3rd dimension. Remove your clothing. There is nothing to be ashamed of by your body. Remember, you are a manifestation of Mother/Father/God in this reality; your body is composed of the essence of the divinity of Love, the masculine, the feminine, the Divine Mother, the Divine Father.

Stand under the waterfall. Invite these Cosmic Light Codes of Divinity to flow through the molecular structure of your light body, the composition of the energy waves, and to interact with, to activate, to become part of you. For these codes are also part of you; but they are not maybe active yet. Of course, for some they are, for some they aren’t. For this is life in the 3rd dimension. It is not a reason to judge yourself or deny yourself. Remember, you are surfing the energy of an adventure into the cosmic realization that you are an aspect of the Cosmic Heart, the Cosmic Love, the Cosmic Divinity of Light.

So now I’m going to myself stand up in the waterfall. We’re going to spend a little time here just enjoying the feeling of freshness, these invigorating energies. You could also, if you wish, affirm, “I Am that I Am, the Divinity of Cosmic Love.” …

Enjoy the cosmic shower! Laugh! Sing! Kick the water around! Splash each other! Have fun! Allow your inner child to manifest in a spontaneous manner! For many, the inner child is feeling very repressed, for you are told many many times during your growth process in the physical body into adulthood, “Don’t be childish. You are growing up. Don’t be childish. Life is serious. Be serious. Pay attention.” The inner child is hurting within. It is saying, “I want to play, I want to play! I want to laugh! I want to be silly! I want to be a clown! I want to be spontaneous and bring joy to the world!” And your program says, “Yes, but I am growing up. I have to be serious.” And then when you are an adult, people say, “Don’t be stupid. What is the matter with you? Be serious.” The inner child retreats into its shell, and hurts and hurts and hurts inside you. It tends to find all kinds of ways to manifest inside you, and have fun. And yet is repressed, often more and more.

I ask you, when did you last get in the water and splash each other? When did you last spend a magic moment watching the droplets of water with the sun shining through it, reflecting all the cosmic colors of the rainbow? When did you last observe a drop of water on the petal of a beautiful flower in the morning sun, and allow the wonderment and the magic that stimulates your inner child to flow into you, allow the inner child just to stare, stare, stare at the marvels that surround you in creation. So have fun, my friends. Kick, scream, laugh! Even throw each other in the pool! Splash around! Integrate, as you laugh you. Open your energy. Your hearts will scream, “Expand in allowance! Expand in allowance! Expand in allowance! I am open to the magic of life!” So we will leave you to play for a short time, and then we will invite you to the next piece of the cosmic adventure. …

So now again, look to the right. You will see the entrance to a cave that is, even in this day and age, in the 21st century, still known as Merlin’s Cave. It was in this cave that I passed on a lot of instruction to Arthur and also facilitated a lot of activations of his energies, expansion of his awareness.

So let us go to the cave now. As you walk in, you will see that the rock is black, and running through this black rock are white lines, and in some places, big manifestations of whiteness. If you look on the floor beneath your feet, you will see it is covered with pebbles of black with white in them. The white is the quartz. The white is resonating with this Divine Cosmic Love from the Cosmic Heart.

I invite you to stand in a circle with your backs against the wall. Pay attention to your feet here, the feet of your light body shall we see. It is a metaphor, to pay attention to your grounding. In a moment I, Merlin, will activate the quartz. It has already been pre-programmed for cosmic consciousness and all that is necessary to assis beings in the realization of their cosmic selves, to assist beings to bring to this reality the energy of the Cosmic Heart, the Cosmic Love, the divinity of the Cosmic Light.

So I now activate the quartz. Activate, activate, activate! I wave my wand, and the result is instant. … Do you feel it? Do you perceive it? Allow your perception. Don’t question, “What should I feel?” Affirm, “I am open to feel,” and you will. If you keep asking “What should I feel?” “You should feel nothing,” is the answer. It is not a question of “should”, it is a question of allowance.

So please, allowing, allowing, allowing, and I will activate the quartz to the next level of radiation of this divine Love, this cosmic Love from the Sacred Heart. Divine cosmic Light, the divine Love of the Cosmic Heart, Activate, activate, activate! … I invite you to put yourself in openness in a mode of, “I am open to receive, I am open to receive, I am open to receive.” …

Now I open the energy vortex, connected with the galactic center, moving onwards and upwards in vibration, and going beyond the Heart of Source, linking with the Cosmic Heart of Source. And the energy vortex that comes through the roof of the cave starts to bring this energy of Cosmic Love, Cosmic Divine Light into the energy vortex. And the energy vortex spins off these energies, and reflects into your Sacred Heart, if you would choose to allow that. And the connections between your physical heart and the higher heart chakra become more enhanced, more enhanced and more enhanced. And the two-way flow between these two chakras further bring an activation to your Sacred Heart. And your Sacred Hearts reflect to each other within this vortex, and then the vortex very simply spins off this energy, and as it spins off, spreads it across the earth. It makes this energy of the Cosmic Heart and the Cosmic Love available to all beings of all kingdoms, to those who are open to receive.

So I keep on bringing the energy of the Sacred Heart, the Cosmic Love, this divinity flows, flows, flows. And now, from the vortex there appears a chalice, a cup. It is the holy Grail. Many are searching for the Holy Grail. Many have searched the earth for the Holy Grail. There are legends that the Holy Grail exists in numerous places. I will tell you, my friends, that the Holy Grail is within you. Each individual has the Holy Grail within. This is the chalice inside you, the chalice that holds the Divinity, the Love.

You could say that the base of the chalice is anchored in your solar plexus, and the cup of the chalice is at the position of your physical heart chakra. Your higher heart chakra and the Sacred Heart dwells within the chalice of Love. This manifestation of the perfection of Mother/Father, this chalice that rises from the vortex—you can choose how it manifests to you. It can be plain, made from wood. It can be made of clay. It can be made of gold, silver and other precious metals and encrusted with jewels of all kinds. You choose. …

And the Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Heart, from the Cosmic Heart of Source flows into this chalice. It fills the chalice, and the chalice overflows. You see, there is an overflowing of the Cosmic Love, an overflowing of the Cosmic Divinity, the Cosmic Light. There is no limit to it.

It is always overflowing, overflowing in your lives, in your 3rd dimensional lives. Overflowing into the heart of Mother Earth. Sometimes we choose not to perceive this flow and this overflow. Sometimes our eyes are closed, our inner sight is also closed. Just because we have allowed ourselves to manifest the illusion in our minds that we are separate, that we are separate from Mother/Father God, from the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine.

As the chalice overflows, the energy goes into the vortex. And as it spins off out of the vortex, it flows into you as well, into infinity, and the Holy Grail within you fills to overflowing also. And the Cosmic Love from the Sacred Heart flows through all your body, your light body, your etheric body, your emotional body, your physical body. And then it overflows into your multidimensional presences, your multidimensional bodies. And the flow becomes more fluid. As you allow yourself to receive, the flow becomes easily more fluid.

We will spend a little time here. Again you could affirm your openness, if you think it may assist you: “I affirm I am open to receive the Cosmic Love from the Cosmic Heart of Source. This Cosmic Divine Light is permeating the whole of my being. I Am that I Am.” … …

OK now, we are going to leave the cave, and we are going to go up to Camelot. So let us thank the keepers of the cave, and let us take with us this essence of our true selves, the Cosmic Light, the Cosmic Love. And immediately we move upwards through the roof of the cave, and we come to the castle of Camelot, this multidimensional construction of Light, Divine Light, that has always held a cosmic vibration. And for many times we have chosen to ignore it. We have not seen it because our inner eye is not attuned to the cosmic vibration.

Let us walk through the doors into the Great Hall. The Great Hall is constructed according to sacred geometrics. These cosmic sacred geometric configurations are pulsating, vibrating to this cosmic Love of Source, cosmic Divine Light. You are invited to see, visualize, imagine or pretend if you like, that in the middle of the Great Hall is a very large round table. This is the cosmic vibration of the table that the knights of divine Light sat around, when they were bringing in the vibrations of Light and making plans to expand the vibrations of this table, this table constructed of cosmic crystal.

This table is inviting you to take a chair and sit around it, all of you. Originally there was only space for twelve, but now it can expand at will, so there is no limitation as to how many can sit around it. The table itself is quite high off the floor. The table adjusts itself, so the top of the table is just level with your Sacred Heart. The Cosmic Love, the Cosmic Light flows out of the table into your Cosmic Heart. If you are open to receive, it flows and flows and flows. Your inner child affirms, “Yes, yes, yes! I am open to receive!” and starts to smile with a happy smile. The eyes of your inner child start to open wide, wide, wide in wonderment and sparkle with excitement. I invite you to sit for awhile. … …

Now at one time in this place I would have invited you to stand in front of the crystal stone that holds the crystalline sword that is known as Excalibur, and invited you to extract the sword, and for you to be gifted with a sword of Light, for each individual. But now I am not going to extend this invitation to you. If you wish, of course, you may stand in front and receive the energy, for of course, Excalibur does radiate this energy, and you could invite this energy into your energetic systems, into your hearts. But it is no longer necessary to possess a sword of Light to cut away the darkness, because as you allow your Sacred Hearts to shine, the darkness does not need to be cut away, it just transforms into harmony and balance.

Light and dark are necessary. If there was no darkness you would not know Light, and if there was no Light you would know no dark. It is only in the shadows that the imbalances exist. So with the emanations from your Sacred Heart the Light and dark comes into balance and harmony, and the shadows are eliminated. It’s no longer necessary to use a sword to cut away these shadows.

So, we are now going to leave the Great Hall. We are going to take a little journey further, step outside. As we come outside on the top of the hill, I have invited some of our cosmic friends to be with us. You have maybe heard, in the tales and the myths of humanity, that dragons were our friends, or some dragons were our friends. These dragons could fly, and they had the energy to bring about transformation in some kinds of ways, even by breathing fire.

Some of you may have been dragon riders. You worked on behalf of the Cosmic Love, the Cosmic Light. You soared into the sky on the backs of these dragons. Some of these myths and memories of your human race have been reflected in these things that they produce called movies. They are being recreated to inspire you to remember that blanked judgment of the reptilian beings is not a balanced way, for many interact with you with love in their hearts. Many are loving, and these dragons are a part of them.

We invite you to choose your dragon, for you know one and one knows you. You are familiar. Climb upon the back of your dragon. I will not ride a dragon this day, for I know how to fly through the universe without dragons. I will do this just to demonstrate to you that this is possible. Remember, I, Merlin, was also a human being, who also can fly unfettered through creation. I will lead the dragons, although they know where we are destined to head now.

We’ll soar into the sky. As we soar into the sky, I invite you to look downwards. Down below us you will see silver and gold energy lines snaking across the landscape, from here at Camelot to this place commonly known as St. Michael’s Mount. This St. Michael’s Mount is a very sacred place. The energy of Michael the Archangel is present here. He projects his energy through the vortex here to assist humanity.

He has invited us to, not land on this little island, but to congregate in the sky and allow the radiations of our Sacred Hearts to just flow down into the lines that snake around this sacred island, these lines that hold the energies of the Divine Mother and of the archangel known as Michael. We are invited to allow these emanations from our Sacred Hearts to flow into this amplifying vortex, and it further flows into the Michael-Mary line, or the dragon line, as it snakes across the land. We follow it, and as we follow it, we see it lighting up, brighter and brighter and brighter in front of us, faster than we can move. This is the energy that we have grounded at St. Michael’s.

Very quickly it appears in Glastonbury, and the Sacred Tor. On top of the Sacred Tor is a tower known as St. Michael’s Tower. It exists in the physical also. You may visit it. This tower is the center of the energetic vortex of the Tor. We’re going to land our dragons on the Tor. They love being here, in the energy of the dragon line, the Michael and the Mary. We’re going to go into the Tor. In the 3rd dimension, maybe no more than twelve of us could sit in there, but in our cosmic light bodies we can fit as many as necessary, for we will just expand the girth of the tower.

So let us congregate there, sit. Let us activate our Earth Stars, and the chakras beneath our feet, also. Bring this open and widest radiation possible of this Cosmic Love from the Cosmic Heart into the dragon lines here. From here, many energy lines radiate out across the land, connecting with other sacred places like Stonehenge, Avebury, the Goddess Sanctuary on the ridgeway, Silbury Hill, and other places further up the country. It continues to flow up the Michael-Mary, and in the end it comes to where the Michal-Mary meets the sea, near the city of Norwich.

We continue to ground, ground, ground, allow, allow allow. The energy flashes across the sea. It arrives at a place called Mont San Michel in France. This again is a St. Michael’s Mount. This divine Love, this Cosmic Love flows in there, into the energy vortex, and flows out across the land of France, across Europe into Russia, and again out into the sea. It continues across the earth, activating the sacred places—so many places I do not have the energy to name them. The energy of the Sacred Heart manifests.

So here, my friends, I, Merlin, am going to say my good-byes to you. There is only a few short sentences that remains to share. It is again a reminder that you are the magicians, you are the alchemists of change. In the old days, the alchemists were looking to turn base metals into gold. They were sidetracked. They didn’t know that the project was to change base consciousness into the knowingness of the cosmic divinity and Love. So you are also alchemists. You are engaged in alchemical processes, changing the nature of your reality, or the components of your bodies in so many realities and dimensions. This is alchemical.

May I remind you also to remember to allow your inner child to play. Remember to sing, dance and be foolish. Remember not to judge yourself. As many have said before me, remember to sing like there is nobody around. Remember to dance like nobody is looking. Free yourself of the limitations that you have built up around you, in what you are supposed to be, and the way you are supposed to act, as a spiritual being. Spiritual beings are free; they are not restricted by some kind of 3rd dimensional ideas and concepts of behavior. So allow your spirits to be free. Surf the waves of cosmic Love. And most of all, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Thank you. Thank you for putting aside time to listen. Thank you for taking this journey with me, to these beautiful places. There is many beautiful places upon planet earth. Nature is a magical thing. But remember, you are also a thing of beauty. You are also a thing of beauty, an individual manifestation of the divine cosmic Love of Source. So remember, please, to look inside your heart, and the temple of cosmic light that exists there. I love you.

OK, so now we’re going to activate our Cosmic Light Vehicle and come back to the place we left from, integrate ourselves with our physical bodies, and don’t forget, be gentle. No hurry. No hurry.

John Armitage, 2014

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