Meeting the helpers

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divine-flameTake some deep breaths. Bring in divine light and cosmic love. We’ve had multidimensional activations. We reinforce them up to the 13th dimension. The energy of these activations now spreads into our light bodies of perfection. Crystalline lightbodies pulsating with this divine light, this consciousness of the heavenly hosts.

Now see, feel, allow, imagine yourselves becoming light. Release all blockages to integrating this light, just blow them out. As you blow them out, we recycle into love, harmony, light, and balance. And in the same moment, we fill the spaces left with light and love, in accordance with Divine Will, in accordance with the will of your I AM Presence. Integrate, integrate, integrate,  and ground this energy—grounding, grounding, grounding.

Now I call upon your multidimensional Shamballa cosmic helpers. If it’s appropriate, assign new helpers. I ask these helpers to show themselves to you through sensation, feeling, face, color, energetic mandalas, or whatever is appropriate and right for you in this moment. Affirm: “I am now ready to connect with my multidimensional helpers in accordance with Divine Will, I AM That, I AM.  I am an open vessel to be the energies of light, the energies of love.

I ask the multidimensional teams to come in to interact with you for awhile. If you have questions, feel free to ask or exchange with your helpers. Just allow everything to flow through your I AM Presence, the driver of your vehicle. Relax and be.

John Armitage

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