Mother Mary – The purpose and nature of knowledge


Dear daughters, I am Maria, though more know me as Mary. It is my great joy to be with you here today, to assist you in your quest for knowledge. But I ask you to look within your hearts, and ask why you seek this particular knowledge, these names of the Masters? And I ask you to consider that this work that you have been asked to do is most extraordinarily new, and will follow a format that has not before been used. Many would call this the New Age, and appropriate to the New Age are new thoughts, new ideas, new conventions, new ways of being, behaving, and relating one to another. Might it be, my dear ones, that the dogma of the past has imposed restrictions upon the hearts of the people? These restrictions have caused them to no longer work with the energies of the knowledge that they seek directly. They have been content to take the information that has been channelled by others as being appropriate for them; and knowledge that is appropriate for the moment, as being applicable to all, and appropriate for future times.

But I would ask you to consider now, that time, in its nature, is changing within your Universe. Many of you are already experiencing within your own lives, signs and symptoms of this change in time. Things are speeding up, time is being lost, time is being given back. We would ask you to link your hearts with the Source, and stay within the experience of the moment.

Your Universe is fluid, your Universe is changing. It has within it the potential of all eventualities, flowing from the Source.

Every experience that you could imagine has the potential of being created in actuality; through matter and through events, into your time stream. So this, for each one of you, shall become a very personal experience. Something that is felt within the moment, information that is given for the now, might not be appropriate to tomorrow, or the next day. Guidance that is given for one might not be the same guidance that is required by another. So what is being asked of you here, today, is to go in trust, to keep things simple, to give that information which is appropriate for the majority, and the vast majority, I am sorry to say, are not aware of the names of the great teachers, the great Masters, that are existent upon the fifth dimension and higher. To introduce the names at this stage to them could prove to be a hurdle to their understanding, which they might be unable to overcome.

I would also ask you to consider that what we are really looking for here is the connection to the Source, the connection to the Oneness of all; and that by considering that only one Master is working with each of the rays, would be a limitation upon the actuality, for indeed if the rays flow from the Source, as they do, then surely all is contained within the rays. The energy of all of the Masters is inherent in the nature of each one of the rays. The aspects of the diamond of Shamballa are multi-dimensional in their nature, and there are beings contained within these aspects, the names of whom you have not yet even heard, or experienced. So to give precise names at this point in time might cause a limitation upon your understanding. It is true that it is appropriate for one energy, one beingness, to direct the force of the ray at one particular moment in time. But we ourselves are learning to be fluid, we ourselves are experiencing our own great potential, growing and expanding. And where one energy might in the past have felt that it was required to be most useful in a particular “department” as it were, it is now being acknowledged and experienced that all energy, having divine potential, has the ability to operate within all departments. To put it more simply, from your point of view, the Master that has been acknowledged to be working with one ray in the past, might not now be working with that same ray in the future. We do not know, we simply do not know, for we, ourselves, are existent within the moment. We, ourselves, are in surrender to the Source, and will go where it is most appropriate for our energy to be used within the moment.

Words that are written upon a page can, at times, unfortunately, be locked in posterity in a way in which it was never intended that they should be. When reading these words, ones so often forget that they were given for the moment. They were appropriate for the moment. That moment is past, that moment is not now, that moment is not the future, which has yet to be created, through the greater wills of mankind, of humanity.

Knowledge, in and of itself, has a creative potential. It is not designed that knowledge should become static, should not move forward, should not grow and expand. It may be that as humanity grows in its ability to manifest that which it needs, and that which is appropriate for that particular moment in time, then humanity will direct which one of the Masters works with which of the rays. We are ever seeking to be in closer communion and response to your needs, and the needs of the planet, so therefore if it is more appropriate that the energy of one Master be placed within the ray, as is needful at the time, then it will be so.

This is, I know, a difficult concept for many ones to work with, for much pure channelling has been received in the past, and does continue to be so. But now we think that humanity is ready to take the next step forward, and to realise that they are co-creators of this planet which they are experiencing in the moment, in the now. They, therefore, have the right and the ability to create the reality that they wish around them. We are here to assist, to help, and to guide you. But we are also responsive to your needs, to your wishes, for did not the divine Father seek to give you free will?

We would ask you to focus rather on how this free will operates within your lives. We would ask you to look at the ways in which you respond, each to another. We would ask you to keep your hearts open, as we know so many of you are now doing, for it is through Love and Compassion that the greatest guidance may be received. And it is through your dealings with each other, with the help and the support that each one of you is able to give to another, that the greatest healing will be experienced. Miracles have been performed daily upon your planet, and miracles will continue to be performed, but my dear children, have you not overlooked the greatest miracle of all?

The miracle that you can experience this beautiful Universe of yours in a physical body. The ability to experience in the physical give you the greatest miracle of all – the ability to reach out your hand, to take that of your Brother and Sister, to show them your love, your devotion, your caring, and thus walk with them into the Light. The greatest miracle of all upon your planet now, is the discovery within the hearts of so many millions of individuals, that they have the ability to love one another. They are able to make a difference in the lives of their fellow man. When you can love your brother with Unconditional Love and Compassion, is this not a sign that you have anchored the energy of the Source within your heart? Is this not the greatest miracle of all time? The way that humanity is beginning to draw together, the way that love is being sent around your planet, to individuals who have not even met; people who, at one time, you would have said you didn’t know. But now you are realising that you do know them, for you have experienced them in the higher realms of your Self. You are recognising that whilst one experiences the individuality, or the personality, within the physical, third dimensional body that walks upon your planet, you are also experiencing at that same moment in time, within the higher realms, the energy of all other personalities. You are joined together in a way that even you have not yet fully realised. For if you are one with the Source, if you are of the Source, and from the Source, does that not mean that you are with and of each other? Does this not give you the ability to sense within your hearts the needs of another, before it has even been necessary for them to express it in words? And does not this give you the potential ability to respond to those needs before they have been expressed, sometimes even before they have been realised by the other. This is what it means to be one with the Source – to have no need of words, to have no need of dogma which will fade away with time, but to go merely from the heart, to send the loving energy to those areas of your world where it might be appropriate for it to be used in the moment.

I am not saying to you here that knowledge should not be written down, for indeed this is the way that it has been chosen that you should communicate with each other in your third dimensional reality. But I would ask you to remain fluid in your thinking, and to recognise that all can and is changing within your reality. So take the knowledge that is given as guidance for the moment, a point from which you can step off the platform that will lead you to the next stage, and then having reached that next stage, ask once again for that which is appropriate from the new point of view, the new aspect, to take you further into the unknown.

You have already spoken here this morning between you as to how your paths, your individual plans, slowly unfold for you. You have experienced, have you not, that you do not know from Day One where it is that you will end up at the end of your journey, with the exception, of course, of the Greater Journey to the Source? But have you not found that in working this way you are able to respond to the potential of “all that there is”, to respond within the moment, and thus have the ability to seize the moment, and take the greatest opportunity, to walk the brightest path that will bring you to the greatest joy and to the fullest understanding that you are able to experience at that time. This is to walk in trust, with your hand in the hand of Mother/Father God. This is to acknowledge the place of God within your hearts.

To know that you do not have all the answers, because you have not yet created the answer. Walk forward on your paths, continue on your journeys, back home. But see that home is also the state of being which will allow your greatest potential to be fulfilled, and that home is ever expanding, ever growing on its journey back to the next level of Creator Source. Within this Universe there is the potentiality of all Beingness, of all experience, and the Universe itself is constantly in a state of evolving, a state of moving forward and creating its own new Beingness.

Give that information which is appropriate for the moment, that which can most readily be absorbed by the dear souls that will be brought to you, searching for knowledge, looking for the next stage upon their path. This has been given to you to do. We know that you recognise in your heart your great ability to provide, as you put it so well, a bridge from here to there. And who knows where there shall be? Is that not the most exciting thing you have heard today, my dears? Who knows where there shall be – and who is “Who”? Is “Who” God, is “Who” the Creator, or is “Who” You, each one of you, you divine sparks of the Source. It is all of these things, my dears. For all is joined in the Oneness. Is that not what the Source is? A fount from which all shall pour, eternally.

I know that my words will be received with the heart. To try to seek knowledge only with the mind can lead to confusion, and to a perception of separation. But to experience the knowledge within the heart is to know and experience the Oneness.

And what is that Oneness? For now it is best expressed by these two beautiful words that contain so much wisdom – Unconditional Love. That is the nature, the energy, of the Source of your Universe. That is the energy to ground within your hearts. That is the knowledge that will be appropriate through all time in your Universe. Unconditional Love. It is so simple, it is so easy. Nothing is needed other than this. And if all springs from the energy of Unconditional Love, then all will be well created upon your planet. As the sun rises in the morning, bringing life, bringing joy, so will the creation of the moment of reality, that is experienced by those existent upon your planet, show the true potential and fullness, if it is experienced through the energy of Unconditional Love. And it is that Love with which I surround you today, and tomorrow, and for eternity. These words will be lasting, these words are true – that Unconditional Love will be the energy that surrounds your planet for all time.

I am the Mother of the Universe. It brings the greatest joy within my heart to acknowledge this, and express this to you today. I am Mary. I Am that I Am. I am of the Source, as you are, my Brothers and Sisters in Love. Adonai.

Channelled by John Armitage

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