Opening of the heart


994046_646082512081754_774030186_nFirst of all, we are going to call your I Am Presences and divine selves, and we ask in accordance with the divine will and the will of your divine selves and I Am Presences that everything takes place in accordance with harmony and balance. Please just sit and breathe for a moment.

And at this time I call in the multidimensional beings which assist in grounding the energies through the star gate… and I open up an energy channel to the heart of Source and I connect this channel to the star tetrahedron on top of the stargate, the energy flows from the heart of Source into the stargate, first of all clearing and harmonizing any discordant energies present in the gate. The stargate begins to vibrate to this energy the divinity of love of Source. Just take a few moments breathing, please don’t be asking yourself what is supposed to be happening and what am I supposed to see or feel, remember… it is not important.

I ask you to put some attention on your true heart chakra or your thymus gland, just allow your attention go to the thymus gland, and maybe see or feel the vibration, and now I activate the stargate to radiate this divinity of love, the star gate begins to radiate this energy and at the same time it flows to the thymus gland. At this time it could be constructive for you to affirm: I am now open to receive total abundance of love from Source, I Am that I Am.

Now the thymus begins to open and its vibration starts to expand and open, open… The energy flows to your thymus gland, returns to the stargate, and the stargate amplifies the energies further, the vibrations of divine love expands and expands, then the expansion of this love flows back to the thymus.

We are going to expand this divine love throughout the whole of our physical bodies. It may assist if you further affirm, with your in breaths that you are open to receive this divinity. It starts to flow into every cell in your cellular structure and this energy harmonizes balances and activates the nucleus of every cell, so continue to breath… allow, allow, allow.

We ask you to pay some attention to the feet, pay attention to the space below your feet, at the same time repeat the affirmation; I activate my earth star (x 3). Now we ask permission from your I Am Presences and divine selves to activate, harmonize and balance any other chakras you have below your earth star. So please continue to breathe while we spend a few moments doing this.

Now we start to bring the energy from the thymus and the nucleus of your cells down through the other chakras and through your earth star and into any other chakras below your feet. With permission we connect this energy through your chakras to the heart of Mother Earth, all the time the star gate radiates this divinity of love from heart of Source, now Mother Earth begins to return this love to you, flowing directly from the heart of Goddess Gaya, she amplifies it and makes it stronger as she returns it, this is the love of the Goddess, and now we ask you if it is relevant for you to affirm that you are open to receive.

So now you have this connection with the heart of Goddess Gaya, we are going to assist you in accordance with the divine will and with the will of your I Am Presence to connect you with your multidimensional selves. The energy of divine love continues to flow through the gate into your hearts, it begins to flow upwards through your energy system, through the throat, the brow chakra and the crown chakra, just allow a few moments for this to take place. The energy continues to flow upwards through your chakra column, into 8 chakra above your head, 9 chakra above your head, 10 chakra above your head, 11 chakra above your head,, 12 chakra above your head… allow, allow, allow … The divine love continues to flow from the heart of Source through the gate into your heart and upwards though your chakras.

Now when we have this flow established in the chakras above your head, we ask permission from your I Am Presences to clear, balance and harmonize these chakras in accordance with the divine will. We clear and harmonize them: clear, clear, clear. So, now as these chakras are clear and harmonized, again with permission of your divine selves and I Am Presence, we assist you in activating your energy channel called Anthakarana or Rainbow Bridge. First we are going to activate the Anthakarana up to the 8 dimensional level, where your I Am Presence lives; activate, activate, activate. With your permission we are going to activate your Anthakarana (energy channel) rainbow bridge further through the dimensional levels, until we connect with your divine selves, this spark of consciousness of the divine Source.

Remember that your true selves are never out of balance, connection and harmony with the divine Source. Building this open and conscious connection with your divine selves can be rather constructive, it allows an ongoing realization of the fact that you are part of the divine creation; you are a spark of this perfection of Source. So we ask for permission to continue to build this connection, we look for the permission of your I Am Presences. On the third-dimensional level if you would like to participate just affirm: allow, allow, allow.

So now you have a clear and active connection with your divine self and the heart of Mother Earth. And in the same time I ask for an expansion of the energies flowing into the stargate, connecting with your thymus: activate (x 3). This expanded divinity flows to the heart of Mother Earth and returns from Mother Earth all the way through your energy system to your divine selves. The divinity of love, harmony, balance and compassion flows through your channel to the heart of Mother Earth, she sends it back…so it is a two way flow.

Stargate continues to vibrate these expanded vibrations of divine love and compassion, and all the time your cellular structure begins to absorb more of this divine light, so the vibration of your physical body is also expanding, expanding, expanding. Please just continue breathing, allow, allow, allow.

As the vibration of your physical structure expands and becomes faster and faster with each of your in breath, imagine that this light is expanding from you and radiating further and further out from you. And as our radiation of light expands your linking collectively around the room in this light, the divinity of the love from the heart of Source continues to flow through the gate. So, when our vibration expands, we are able to receive more of it, and as we radiate more of it we shine brighter, as we connect and connect and connect to this beacon of light of creation, and as we expand this light, it expands all across Mother Earth. As it expands across Mother Earth, it becomes available to all hearts that are open to receive…

Remember earlier we spoke about desire, have no desire that the light goes to all beings, it is for us to make the light available to all who would wish to receive. And remember everything is living even if it doesn’t breathe, whether it is a tree – of course trees breath but not in the same way as we do – so whether it is a tree or a mountain or just a stone or whatever, let’s invite the whole manifestation to receive this divinity of love, all in accordance with the divine will and their own will.

Now we start to bring our awareness outwards and I would like to thank all the multidimensional beings who have been with us in this, the source also says thank you to you, each individual, for allowing this divinity of love to flow through you in openness.

Stargate workshop, Spain, April 2014,
John Armitage

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