Call to unity

e76c67a6-348b-4da6-bb5f-1db0ac88714cOne day I was chanting a verse,

got transported to this universe,

where am I now the light seems dim,

this voice in my head said look within,

for you are one and one is all,

you will see you can walk tall,

the sight within was really great,

I found the light and love was my mate,

there was no need to rush around,

for inside me there knew no bounds,

of love and light we all are,

each a bright shining ...

I am open to receive →

The Light of life

GoldenLight3Life on earth is great you know

if you like to live it so,

just say no to hate and fear,

all life becomes dear,

dear to your heart your mind as well,

on the past please dont dwell,

you are not the tale you think you are,

just erase it and you will remember you are a star,

a individual in this universe,

surely this in not to perverse,

for the ego to understand,

and just allow gods willing hand,

to shape our ...

I am open to receive →