Clearance meditation and integration of the lightbody

4th October 2000, Hari Das

6a00d8349ca72c53ef017742b79e83970d-800wiWe will start with working with the breath so I like you to take deep breaths. And as you take these deep breaths just start breathing in the love, breathing in the light. And as this love and this love and light flows into you just see, feel, allow, imagine it flowing into your physical body. Flowing right through your cellular structure. So as it flows into your cellular structure also feel it moving down through your body physical and into the earth. So as it moves down into the earth it is very necessary to be grounded at this time so just see, feel, allow or imagine a root just like a root of a tree growing from the bottom of your back, the bottom of your spine. And as this root down into the earth just see it go down and down and down right into the heart crystal of mother earth. And just see this root getting stronger and stronger and stronger, bigger around. As we said to you it is very necesary to be grounded at this time.

Now as we are connected with mother earth I would like you to just allow your attention to move up to the space above your head and just with your feelings or your imagination just feel around in this space above your head. Now as you are feeling around in this space above your head what we are going to do is start to activate for each and everyone of you, to activate your twelfth chakra. So now just allow a few moments for the chakra activation teams to move in.

So at this moment I ask and demand the presence of the higher chakra activation group. Now I would like these higher chakras activated in the accordance with the will of each I am presence. So we activate these chakras now. Puff.

So now as we have your twelve chakras activated we are going to take your energies onwards and upwards to your I am presence to that glorious spark of consciousness, the true you. And then from your I am presence onwards and upwards to the Source of mother father and as we take this energy onwards and upwards to the Source we link with this energy through the gateways of Orion into the heart of Yahweh and then the connection to mother father Source. And mother father source I Haridas ask and demand that in accordance and will with your I am presence, you now start downloading the Mahatma energy through each individuals I am presence, through the heart of Yahweh into the physical bodies of each one present. Into the physical body of each one present down through this strong and firm root into the very heart of Goddess Gaia, mother earth.

At this time allow the affirmation to flow through your mind, I am that I am the Mahatma in love. Now as this Mahtama energy flows into the physical body we are going to start use this Mahatma energy to clear the cellular structure, to clear away any accumulated cellular memories from this life or from lives in other places in time and space. So now at this time we are going to bring the Mahatma into your cellular structure, into your molecular structure, into the subatomic particles of your physical body, into the microtrons and super electrons. So now at this time I start to bringing down the Mahatma in more focused and concentrated way. So just see, feel, allow, imagine this silver, golden violet energy run into your body physical and clearing and clearing and as it is clearing the body physical we will transmute them into harmony, balance and love.

So now I call upon the Godselves of each one present, I also call upon my God self. At this time I ask and demand that in the accordance with the will of the God self that all energies within the physical body all acumulated cellular memories, all memories of being disempowered, all memories of disempowering others and all fear that dwells within the physical body of standing in your own power, of standing in your own mastery in this moment be transmuted by your God selves into harmony, freedom and love. So now we just start to bring the Mahatma energy down a little bit more. Increasing the flow of it in accordance with the will of the I amґs. Trigger the light , the light, the light. Trigger the love, the love, the love. And as this light and this love flows into you there is nothing that can hold back this light and this love. No disharmony, no fear, no self sabotage, no self disempowerment. As this love flows into you, and this light flows into you. You are transforming into the God and Goddess that you really are and always have been. The knowledge is flowing into your conscious mind, your subconscious mind that you are Creators, you are co creators that you are God/Goddess in this moment. And now we step up this Mahatma energy a little bit more. Trigger the love the love, the love. Trigger the light, the light the light., the love, the love , the love.

And as this love and this light flows into you stronger in more concentrated way start to feel your heart chakras, your higher heart chakras, your thymus glands starting to expand with this love. For as creators, co creators, God and goddess your true state is nothing but love, nothing but love and harmony and balance. So feel your heart chakras opening, opening, opening, harmonising and balancing. And at this time I call upon not only your Godself but the Universal being the Galactic being. I also call upon the blockage removal team. Now what we are going to do in accordance with the will of your I am presence and in accordance with the will of your God and goddess selves we are going to take away , we are going to remove anything any kind of blockages that you have in your higher heart chakras which have been preventing you from experiencing this love and harmony and balance. This love without conditions and at this moment I ask that the blockage removal team scan each and everyone of your physical bodies, scan each and everyone of your subtles bodies or your spiritual bodies and your lightbody and lets start to remove anything and everything which have been holding you back in this love. Now in this moment you can also if you feel that things are moving within you and you want to aid the process you may also like to breath out sharply like, puffff and as you breath out sharply just allow the blockages to flow from you. We have opened up a light recycling center to recycle these energies.

As you clear these blockages away from your heart we bring you more light, bring you more love to fill up these spaces that are left. We fill up the emptiness of the energy of God and the energy of goddess of harmony and balance. So now we keep clearing and keep clearing for often there is many layers many levels of these blockages. So you just may need to keep clearing out. That’s it . It is still more to go amongst some people here so we just keep on clearing this chakra.

There is more to come, we can see it we can feel it so we just keep on breathing this Mahatma , bring in this love bring in this light. Just feel your hearts opening allow, now at this time you can make the affirmation I allow this clearance I am ready now. We cannot clear anything you do not allow. You have to make the decision, step into your wholeness. There is still some more clearance here, we can see it , we can feel it. Lets keep working with it. Now we are getting down to shaking it out, breaking these crystaline energies into light into love. In this moment we will give you just a short time to rest, short time to allow more of this love more of this light, this mahatma energy to fill up these spaces, Your higher heart chakra is blooming starting to open more, and more and more.

It is Yahweh that speaks with you now.
I am Yahweh, father creator, not mother father god but creator of these human bodies. As creator of these human bodies my plan my blueprint for you is wholeness in harmony and balance. You were created to be perfection in every moment of creation. And as you were created to be perfection in every moment of creation you were also given the blueprint of Adam kadmon. This blueprint is the blueprint of your crystalline lightbodies of perfection.
And as we are still clearing your hearts we need to keep on with this clearance of your higher heart chakras and as we clear these higher heart chakras we are also going to start help you to integrate this crystalline lightbody. We would now like you to see your selves as double terminated crystal. Now as you see your selves as this double terminated crystal see the point above the top of your head and one point below your feet. This double terminated crystal is your crystalline light body of perfection. So now as you see, feel, allow, imagine this crystalline lightbody integrating with you, you are this crystalline lightbody. And now in this moment I Yahweh
activate these crystalline lightbodies with your individual seed blueprint for this life. And at this time when we activate your seed blueprint for this life we also activate the seed blueprint of perfection and also as well at this moment we activate the seed blueprint for creation. So now I am going to bring these energies through this channel and through the crystals and the crystal skulls so we just ask you to sit for a few moments in quietness and allowingness.


And now as we allow these energies of love to flow through the heart chakras we are going to bring this energies into the rest of the chakras of your physical bodies. Down to your root chakras, your base chakras. And right into your crown chakras. So now lets bring this harmony, and perfection and love into the whole of the physical body. Now in this moment we remove anything from the cakras in your physical bodies that is not serving you in the highest good in accordance with the will of your I am presence and your God selves. To balance and harmonize we bring love we bring light and we bring Shamballa. We integrate the perfection of the energy the multidimensional energies of Shamballa in to each chakra.


And in this moment we are going to take from you again in the accordance with the will of your I am presence and God selves any beings, any energies which are sharing with you your physical bodies and not only your physical bodies, your emotional bodies, your spiritual bodies right to your God self.
In this moment we take these beings and are going to remove them all. We are going to remove them all Now. Again you may breath out. Puff. And we fill the space that is left with light, with love with mahatma. Now at this time we are going to remove all blockages from your multidimensional bodies, your spiritual bodies, your lightbodies what ever you would like to call them. And now I ask the removal team to be very , very diligent to look very carefully to look for those which are well hidden and concealed.
In this moment you may feel that your energy fields are being carefully scanned.
This is true, they are. At this time I would say to you also it is not necesary for translation this work is done weather you know or not it is happening. Your I am presence gives permission. Your God self give permission. Now I ask the teams to very, very closely, very closely look, very closely scan through all the bodies, through all the multidimensional bodies and I ask each and everyone of you in accordance with the will of your I am presence you now start letting go of these blockages you can feel them now moving, in moving them again you may need to use your breath , you may feel your breath is useful to you in this situation. I call upon the Universal being, Galactic being to transmute, transmute, transmute, I bring the Mahatma energy and the love into this clear spaces. There is still things moving, things clearing.
We just take up the vibration of your lightbody slightly. Again to compensate for this energies that have been removed we take the energies upwards, and upwards little steps at the time. Now we have some good clearances, some very good clearances.

There is still someone holding on to some things at the moment it is all in accordance with your I am. So we will work further on this clearance over the day with this fire and the water to help bring some more clarity into your crystalline structures. Shining beings of light I see for each and every one of you a definite clearance in your energies in the energies of your multidimensional bodies also so now at this time we are going to hand over the channel to Vywamus so Vywamus may work with you with more light with more love. I Yahweh your creator bless you. I leave my love with you, I leave my light with you. And now understand that laughter will be the way forward that laughter will help you to shake off these energies that you don’t need anymore. Laughter will help you to harmonize and balance and as you laugh you may also feel the need to cry. Crying will also allow clearance in the water of your tears. Your water is crystalline it will hold imprints it will just allow things to flow and move. And as I leave you in this light and I leave you in this love and I leave you in the brilliance of your lightbodies your adam kadmon bodies of perfection I will pass this channel of communication to Vywamus. Shalom.

I am Vywamus.

What can we say about this Creator heh?
(sniffing and laughing)

This Creator God I would say is in a real kick ass mood today. His love for you is so great. You know that some times as human beings you need to speak firmly to the children. So he is in the mood this day that he will speak firmly to his children and as he speaks firmly to you just as you speak firmly to your children sometimes. ( crying!!)
It is all clearance. Sometimes the children needs some firm words before they start to wise up. Or should I say before they lighten up. So what have I come to do . What have I come to speak with you about. Well I Vywamus have a new catch phrase a new welcome phrase to my repertoire. And this phrase is:
Never mind, light happens.

Remember in the old days, we used to say, never mind shit happens. But this is the 21st century, never mind light happens. So this is what I bring to you, more light, more love. And for those of you who know me Vywamus you know that there is one thing that I love to do is to bring more light and more love into the lives and the hearts of the beings that are incarnated on your planet. So what I am going to do for you at this moment, I just ask you to quiet your minds again to meditate a little bit just to sit quietly and allow me to come to each and everyone of you simultaneously.
Lets start and build a stronger and firmer connection between your body physical , your crystalline light bodies and your I am presence’s. And as we build this connection with your I am presence lets also take this energy to your God and Goddess selves so just sit for a few moments and enjoy, relax and we will do the work for you.


Yes, what a marvelous shining beings. Now with your newly polished, shining light bodies, your newly polished and shining physical bodies your are reflection of perfection. Reflection of that perfection that Yahweh speaks of. And as you reflect the perfection of God and goddess integrate into your conscious minds God and Goddess I am that I am. In this moment and in every moment of Creation. For understand it is only moment of Creation that you have. I am always telling you that the past is gone and the future has not yet been created. If you cannot be happy in the moment you have nothing. If you cannot be happy in the moment you only have separation. Separation from the Creator, separation from mother/father Source. And separation from your self, separation from your I am presence. Separation from that spark of consciousness, that glory God/Goddess Creators and Source. That you each and every one of you are. Today is the day to make yourself a promise or should I say that now is the moment to make your self a promise. And that moment that promise we ask you to make in the moment is ” I will live now”, not in the past, not in the future, “I will live Now in this moment”.

That I will realize that you are in my heart, that I will realize the love in my heart the joy in my mind, the love in my mind and the harmony within my body. Brothers and sisters of Earth. How do you change the world. Many would say , I am not happy, I would question you, why are you not happy. Most are not happy about external things, things that are without them selves, outside of them selves , they say, I do not like this, I do not like that, I must save this, I must help that. Brothers and sisters of earth to change your world you must first of all change within, you must change in the way that you think of past and future and live in the moment. In spontaneity and happiness.

Changing within is the way that you change everything. Now is the moment to promise your self. I will change within and the whole world will change around me. Look at the campaigners in life in your dimensional reality, many run around campaigning for others, campaigning for other things and never pause one moment to look within them selves and see where the troubles of earth come from. The troubles and struggle of earth come from within every being. They are externalized through your own creation. When all are in harmony and happiness within perfection raigns within creation.

Planetary change begins at home it begins at home in your heart, it begins at home in your minds, it begins at home in this temple within which you dwell, the body physical. Remember the affirmation, Light happens and allow that light to happen within and around you. I Vywamus is on the team for this workshop so you will hear many things from me. In this moment I leave you and I leave you in happening light, I leave you in happening love, this is a happening planet that allow things to happen. With our love, through that love make things happen. Bless you. The divine within me salutes the divine within you. Namaste.

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