Goddess Gaia

Goddess Gaia channelled by Haridas, Shasta

Goddess Gaia
Bio Life Spiritual AwakeningI am the Goddess Gaia.  The feminine consciousness of Mother Earth.  It is not often I speak thru channels. I was asked to be granted the privilege of speaking thru this channel, to tell you how much I appreciate your love and your healing and to tell each and every one of you how much I love you. I hope you can feel my love, as I amplify your love and use it to balance my meridians, use it to clean my heart chakra and then amplify the love and send it to each and every one of you as a personal gift from your mother. This work of love, this labor of love, that you are performing for me is a most wonderous thing.  It reminds me that my children have not forgotten me and do love me.

My heart is glad and happy and as I heal and transmute, in gladness and happiness becomes more and more within my heart.  There is , there has been on my part, a time of indecision as to what I should do that is best for my children, you beings, in past days, have brought me to a decision and my decision is to balance and heal further before I take you and the Universe thru the ascension process…..I have had an idea in my mind, that I would quicken things, and by quickening things, it would have meant that I would go into a healing crisis instead of a gentle transition into wholeness.  Thru that healing crisis, much upon my body the mantle, the mantle of my body, which you call the surface of the Earth could have had its nature changed….you humans might call it destruction.  Understand, that the destruction is only from the perspective of humans that are focused on staying in their 3rd dimensional aspect.

Nevertheless, it brings fear into their hearts because of a lack of understanding. Through the healing which you have been giving me, and the love that you are giving me, it means that the transition into wholeness can be much smoother.  I love you my children…and like all mothers, I try to make the right decisions for each and every one of you to take you into the love, to take you into wholeness, in a most gentle way that I can find. Thank you. I will accept the gifts that you have given.  Accept my love in return.
Bless you all.

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