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58852-dolphin-fantasy-trayWell, we’ve had this being around for days and days. Last week this being was around and I resisted it. This being is a being of the sea, a fish, a mammal, and I am known as Howard the dolphin. I call myself Howard because it takes away all aspects of cosmicness from the minds of humans. I come to speak with you as the collective consciousness of whales and dolphins and porpoises, because it is necessary that you understand what is happening upon your planet, both within the seas and upon the land. First of all it is necessary to understand that we love you. Many words have been spoken about love this eve, many energies of love have been brought to you, integrated by you, and on many levels accepted by you as individuals. Please know that we dolphins are sending you love and more love and more love second by second of your time, minute by minute of your time, hour by hour, day by day and year by year. Understand that we know what is happening with your consciousness, what is happening upon the surface of the land masses of this world – your world and ours. And also in the seas of our world. Many changes have been instigated by the codings that are now being triggered in the consciousness of human beings.

Understand that all of you, without exception, have got time clocks – alarm clocks you may call them, we call them codings – these codes have been inserted into your mollecular structure, into your energy matrixes, into your consciousness, before and after your physical birth. And it is just like when you set these devices to wake you up in the mornings and you awake from your sleep, these codings perform exactly the same task. When you hear words, when you feel certain energies, when you come into contact with certain beings, you get your wake-up call. And when these codings are activated, your consciousness rapidly expands. Understand that, for all of you present, but also in one way or another all human beings upon the planet – and not only the human beings upon the surface of the planet because understand that many humans are also living inside the planet – all these beings are now having their codings triggered. For we are moving to a time which brings great excitement into our minds, our hearts; we’re moving into a time when the codings of love are being triggered, the remembrance of this child within you, the spontaneous child, the loving child, the angry child, the crying child. And as these codings are triggered in you and you realise you are love and nothing else, it will allow the consciousness of Mother Earth to expand to a degree that you humans as yet have no concept of. Because, as part of this expansion of consciousness of your Earth Mother, will occur a movement into light, a movement into another dimensional reality, and in this dimensional reality love will be even stronger. There will be more light. And understand that it is impossible to separate light from love, and love from light, because both are the same. This light is not the same kind of light as you humans perceive when you throw the switches on the walls, it is a light which is multi-dimensional which could be perceived as white but understand this white light is built from a miriad of different colours, of different energies, and also different geometric codings.

So what is our part, the ocean dwelling mammals, in all this? We are sure that many of you understand that you don’t come from this Earth. You are from the solar tribes. You are cosmic beings from other places having decided to make a journey and have an experience in this dimensional reality. But as the whales and the dolphins, nor do we come from here either. We came here because we were asked by the Lords of Creation if we could perform certain tasks for you humans. The tasks that we agreed to perform was to hold these codings of wholeness and love, of the energies of wholeness and love, on your behalf until you were ready to be triggered into this wholeness and love yourselves. That is why we love to be with you. That is why we love to play with you. That is why we always invite you into our playful situations. Now, as things change and consciousness expands, in many ways our work is done. Many of us have decided that, because the work is done, or the playtime is over – whichever way you’d care to perceive it – we have decided to go and play elsewhere. And some of us are feeling, after over 500 million of your Earth years, that it might be nice to make the journey to our homeland – our homeland is, of course, another star – so many of us are leaving now. Some have volunteered to stay because they feel that there is more play to be had with you and they need a holiday so they are holidaying in your oceans, in the waters of your planet. We ask you not to fret about this departure of our species because it is a conscious decision; it is not because of your actions that we have decided to depart. Again I say we depart because the playtime is over or the work is done.

We would ask you, each and every one of you human beings, those of you who are not only present at this time but others who may come into contact with my words, to focus much and many loves on the waters, because other beings who live in these waters need to stay, they need to stay because they have made contracts to be here until the end. And when I say other beings who live in these waters I don’t only mean us dolphins and our brothers and sisters the whales and porpoises, I mean the fish, these beings you know as crustaceans. It might surprise you that even the barnacles are beings, they have individual consciousness, they’re evolving into light and love the same as their brothers and sisters of the land. Not only the brothers and sisters that are known as humans of the land, but the animals, the insects, the reptiles, the trees, the flowers, the crystals, the stones, the mountains and all other beings of the land. In your meditations we ask you to just send love to the waters. Form an idea in your mind that all is becoming transmuted in the waters into love; that all the impurities, the rubbish, the garbage, the radioactivity, is becoming transmuted into cleanliness and love, into purity and love. This will aid your water brothers and sisters to move forward with you, to take part in this joyous celebration as the dawning of the new reality approaches. And understand my friends that this is not in a dark, distant future. It is closer than many humans would fear. It is closer than many humans dream of. It is, my friends, closer than your closest breath. Understand it is now. Now.

So again I ask you on behalf of all the ocean-dwelling beings to help us clean up, to turn the water into liquid crystal, programmed with love, and through that love it will become pure. Again I give you my name, I’m Howard the dolphin. That, of course, is not my real name. Us dolphins don’t call each other Howard. But for you humans Howard will make it easy for you to relate to me, and if I gave you my real name you would not be able to pronounce it as you don’t have the letters in your alphabet. So think upon my words, dream upon my words, integrate my words, and act…. act. Because together we can complete this wonderful happening, this wonderful occasion. Understand that there are beings gathered from every dimensional reality, from every parallel universe, and from every universe and star system in creation, some to observe, some to be part of, and some to help and aid this work. So let’s not delay the party. Let’s act now and together. Wholeness and love will be upon all.

Are there any beings present who would like to put a question to this consciousness? Ask now. Humans are not very talkative.

Question: I would like to ask about the presence of all the other sea creatures around you. I feel you are a spokesperson for all these, I feel you are a voice of many and I feel the presence of many behind you. It is as though you are a mission speaker for your peoples?
I am a mission speaker for my peoples, a mission speaker for the sea peoples, not only the sea mammal but all the sea peoples, the sea beings.

Question: Well, I welcome all of them for I feel their presence here, and I am sure that many do. I know I am overwhelmed by the presence of so many of you who seemed to have come from all the different realms of sea resonances to join us here in our human work in Australia, that’s for all of those present in the room. May we have more communication with you at the weekend when we are dedicating our time to earthworking?

We are with you in this project if you would like us to be with you. We would like all humans to understand that we wish to work together in this healing, balancing and loving project. It is necessary that all humans understand that we are here to be with and help. As was previously said, we came to this planet to hold the codings of love for you humans, but now the codings have been released so we are with you. We love you. We would like to play with you in this love. Because that is what some humans would call these activities, ‘work’. We call loving ‘play’. All our lives are play. We don’t see anything as work. We just be and stay in love, so nothing is work. There’ve been many times when we’ve needed to have large numbers of our consciousness together to really focus and hold that love for the humans and for the earth dwelling creatures, but we never thought it was work because when we gathered together we just played; we laughed, we sang. Have you humans never heard us singing in the oceans? Do you know that the whale brothers and sisters sing songs to each other across the far flung oceans of your world. They play, they sing, and through this playing and singing we hold the resonance’s of love and the resonance’s of light. We do not take our work seriously; we laugh, and when we laugh we are love. There is no need to take the work seriously when you are totally focussed in love, because it is a joy…. a joy. So therefore gather together in groups and be joyful. Laugh… laugh… laugh and allow the love to flow through you, to be you. And as I previously said, our joint project moves forward in a spontaneous flash of unconditional love. Humans have not realised – in many ways they have been told that the Earth is about to become whole, your Mother, our Earth Mother also, because understand that the bottom of the seas is also the garment of the Earth Mother. You could say that your seas are like puddles of rain in your raincoats. Many think that your Mother Earth is going to ascend and the humans can come or not come with her, or not go with her. In many ways it is true that you have a choice. I would say, though, that it is time for you all now to understand and to integrate that those of you who have chosen to move into love, those of you who have had your wake-up call, your alarms have gone off, it is for you to love to bring Mother Earth into her ascension. So in many ways the humans are going to ascend Mother Earth. It may sound complicated, but I’m sure that you understand what I am trying to explain to you. I do not have, at this time, an infinite knowledge of your third dimensional method of communication. I am searching through the mind and memories of this channel as I communicate with you, looking for the appropriate words. Understand that through your activities as humans in love, that Mother Earth will come into her wholeness and glory and beauty and love, and take her birthright. Her birthright is movement forward. This movement forward is what you humans know as dimensional shift or movement of ascension to a higher vibration. You humans who choose to go with Mother Earth, or the humans who choose to go with Mother Earth, will experience deeper and deeper and deeper wholeness and love.

Understand, two energies work in the whole of creation, not only on this planet of ours – these two energies are love and non-love. Some of you know non-love as fear. But understand that fear is only non-love. Move into love. Be love. Accept love. Integrate and understand that love grows… love grows in your hearts because you open your hearts and accept, love doesn’t grow because the Creator Source of love has to make the love bigger or stronger. Love grows as you accept it, as you open up those chalices, as you fill those chalices in your hearts with more and more love and as it overflows it becomes stronger, it becomes more powerful, you become brighter, you become brighter, and fear or non-love ceases to be even a distant memory in your consciousness. You all chose this journey into darkness. Each and every one of you are brave adventurers. You weren’t fearful when you decided to embark on the adventure. Know that now the adventure is just beginning, because the adventure is the journey into love. And remind yourselves that adventurers love adventures. Take it on. Go with it. Be it. Blessings to all land beings.
Kathleen: And thank you very much for your communication and your sharing, from you and all your peoples. And we welcome you to join us, as we will join you, any time.

It is, my Earth sister, my pleasure in communicating with you and sharing with you brings joy into my heart and helps me to help the others integrate the love you feel for us. We accept that love and we accept it with gladness. Bless you.

Channelled by Haridas/ John Armitage
Australia, around year 2000

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