393947main_image_1492_946-710Good morning this is Modra, I come with good news, for some anyhow!!I am from the Andromida system, I have been working with this one for some time now, not many have heard of me on earth. I will tell you who I Am. I Modra first came into contact with this channel about 5 and a half years back your time. When he went to live in Scotland I and the beings I work with were asked to take on the job of looking after the site in Scotland, temple guards so to speak,  I said we would include it in our commitment to Mother earth.

This is when thing really started to happen between us, although I had sat with him at galactic council we were not very familiar with him or the beings of your planet, at that time I could not even understand your language never mind what you said with your voice, as for the way you live all of you on this earth I could not see any sense or logic in it, the way you treat the Earth and each other was beyond my understanding. My people have also taken on the guardian ship of you and your earth in other ways.

We keep out the undesirables you could say!!!!!So what about  may you might as well ask, here is the way I see it, remember I Am  not from this earth and have never lived here in the flesh.

The time ahead of you is beyond words. You as a race can now move forward at last very quickly, this is not because you are being rewarded by God a or anybody for anything, it is because you have all chosen this moment to be incarnate here! Many have waited for millions of years for this time, for you all know within your hearts that you are LOVE that’s all, remember that you are that, you are the creators of everything here on this planet! Oh yeas, I hear you say we heard all this before, yep, you have because this is the way it really is you all choose this, imagine billions of people saying lets have a party we will meet on earth during early may 2000, and are we going to have a ball!!!

The stars will be lined up the energy will be great and wow will we have the chance to sort ourselves out, allot thought they did not need sorting out until they started to wake up, HEY the alarm clock went off for most as you moved in to the time you call the millennium. By now you should have shook the sleep out of your eyes and at least woke up and smelled the coffee.

Hurrah it’s not a new day but a new age, so what does that make me? you should ask. What’s the answer? easy, it’s whole that what it is, you all should know wholeness is LOVE.

So take things easy there will be no serious disaster that will affect mother earth all over but, LISTEN up, there will be places on earth that need help and the people there will need help, this is where you come in all of you, look at what you have in your lives in a material sense, most have to much, they can’t use what they have, SHARing is the way of the future, why should people starve and even live without clean water while some flush 2 gallons down there tubes every time they urinate in these things you call toilets, are you all mad we ask.Why do people starve and live without shelter, when with a even share of everything on earth all could be very comfortable and have a nice time?

Many of you will know that you are processing about many things, why? because you need to, or you need to let go NOW, letting go alleviates all reasons for processing, for remember you are not victims, there is no lack of LOVE, this flows from the creator at all times, the only lack there really is on this earth is a lack of expectance and caring for others.

As the planets align you will feel the need to help, first help yourself through self LOVE and forgiveness and then help others.

So here we have it, be LOVE allow LOVE to flow with you and Glow with the Flow.
LOVE Modra
Channeled by Hari Das,  2000, Rhynie Scotland

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