Mother Mary – The energies of the Goddess

mary-wonderfulI am Mary, the guardian of this place, the patron of this place, the Mother of this place. I come to you my friends this morning, with joy and love in my heart, with love in my heart for all of you. I come to speak to you about the Goddess, about the feminine energies, and about love and compassion. Many of you would know me as the mother of Jesus, the mother of Sananda, in that lifetime which I would call his Palestinian ministry.

Many ones would think of me in the role of the mother of Jesus and not in many other ways. But in fact I am a representation of the Goddess energies. These energies which are now being brought to your planet to help rekindle all ones’ memories of the divinity of the planet, and your own divinity which lies within you. This divinity is present in the hearts of all. To realise this divinity, my children, you must allow love and compassion to flow through your hearts. Many ones would wonder how to achieve the opening of the heart, how to allow the energy of love and compassion to flow through your hearts. My children it is simple. There are no complicated meditations, no complicated daily prayers, no complicated rituals. It is merely a question of affirming that you are love, that you are light, and that you are compassion embodied in this third dimensional reality. If you make these affirmations you will find that this energy of love, this energy of compassion, will just flow straight through your hearts, straight through your lives and you will become beacons of love, beacons of light upon this troubled planet of yours. Some would say, “What is the point of becoming love and light?”, and some would say, “Why should I work to be love when around me there is the opposite of love? Will I not be overwhelmed by the thoughts and energies of others which have disassociated themselves from the source, our Mother/Father God?”

By allowing yourselves to be love, you will anchor the energy of love and anchor the energy of compassion into this world. And as you anchor this energy of love, this energy of compassion into this world, in turn as you go about your daily business, your round of life, the tasks of life, this love will affect all that not only come into contact with you, but all seen and unseen upon your planet.

This one has spoken to you yesterday about the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth. It is now time my children that the divinity of the Goddess was recognised, and this mode of thinking that is male domination was turned around and transmuted into compassion and love, so the Goddess Gaia may live again. You know the Goddess is suffering from imbalances. You know the Goddess is sick. It is now time to realise that you cannot rape your mother, you cannot poison your mother, that you cannot plunder your mother, because there will come a time like the time in all mothers’ lives when the mother will not tolerate the behaviour of the children because it is unacceptable. I say to you that the time is coming close when your mother the Goddess Gaia, Planet Earth, is going to react to the actions of her children. In the third dimensional world when the mother is displeased first of all she scolds, and if the scolding does not bring about a change in behaviour and consciousness then she slaps. She may take some time over the scolding, but there comes a time when her patience becomes exhausted and she starts to become, through the behaviour, so sick that it is almost impossible for her to carry on. At this stage the mother realises that something must be done. We are now at this crossroads upon your planet. Your mother, the Goddess Gaia, has decided that she, herself, wants to become whole. This becoming whole sometimes means that a healing crisis has to be worked through. The time of the healing crisis is coming. It is a lot closer than many ones would know, and very much closer than a lot of ones would fear. But I say to you that with love and compassion, first of all for the Earth Goddess and secondly for all her inhabitants, this crisis may be avoided. If you open up your hearts and become one with the love of the Creator, become one with the love of myself, Mary, my twin energies, the energies of Isis, and learn to join with the compassionate energies of Qwan Yin, all will be well. There will be a transition into love, a transition into light. Mother Earth will become whole and you, my children, will become whole with her. Your lights are already shining bright. They can be seen through many dimensions of creation, through many universes.

I ask you that you pass on this love to others. It is not necessary that you start running around, talking continuously about this love and this compassion. It is only necessary that you love others. The energies of this unconditional love will bring love into the lives of others without you having to even speak to them. You don’t need to lecture them, just love them.

You may ask, “What can be done about the fear and the oppression?

What can be done about those that are oppressing human beings upon the planet, filling them with fear?” Again I say my children, just love them, because through your love they will become love. They will soon realise that when all beings become love that there is nothing for them to do. They will also want to come themselves to this energy of love. So please my children, do not be fearful of these energies, of these beings that have disassociated themselves from Mother/Father God. Do not be fearful …. love them! Love them without judgment, love them unconditionally, with compassion and they will become love.

So my children I would like to do with you a short mediation.

During this meditation all I ask you to do is to open yourselves, to focus your attention on the area of your heart, and allow this energy of compassion and love to flow through you.

My brothers and sisters, before I leave you I would like to give this brief message to the women of this planet, not only the women that are present in this workshop. This message is for the females of all the species upon the planet. You women have this soft and gentle, loving side within you. It is a natural part of your energies. You have within your hearts love. You have within your hearts compassion. It is a sad fact that although men also have this love and compassion within their hearts, they have forgotten that it is there. They have become overwhelmed by the need to control. They have become overwhelmed with the energy of fear. This energy of fear, this fear of feminine energies that many males suffer from, has been brought about by conditioning, through religion, not only Christian religion, but the religions of the East also. You see originally upon your planet everybody recognised the energy of the Goddess, but when there was an influx of visitors (we will call them visitors instead of invaders) to your planet, who had very warrior and warlike tendencies, the knowledge of the Goddess and the divinity of females was stifled.

I do not lay all the blame on males, because in fact there is no-one to blame. You could say that there is no such thing as blame, no such thing as mistakes, only lessons. No such thing as problems, only solutions, so remember those words. But this stifling of the knowledge of the Goddess, this stifling of the feminine energies was brought about in many ways, by the misuse of feminine energy by females. Many ones of you will know about the Laws of Cause and Effect, that every cause has an effect, so therefore things swing backwards and forwards. Cycles come, they take their full course, everything goes round in a circle and comes back to the beginning all over again. I say to you that now is a new beginning. This new beginning is the recognition of the feminine energies in all.

Males must recognise their feminine side. They must look into their hearts, look into their minds, see the imbalances and right the imbalances. Females must also look into their hearts and see that they also have a male side, and balance the male with the female. Once this work is done complete balance will be here upon the planet. The results of this balance will be a reality of love, a reality of compassion and a reality of life, which means there is no more strife, there is no more fear and there is no more oppression, that all beings will be nurtured again by the Goddess Gaia. The Goddess herself will come into balance, be healed, be whole and all her inhabitants will again be healed, be balanced and be whole. The species that have disappeared, the species that have left, they will return.

Species leave planets because nobody cares about them, nobody thinks about them, because nobody loves them. But when love is manifest here and love reigns, the body of this Goddess, the planet Earth, will again become whole, will become beautiful.

There will be no shortages of anything.

All will live in harmony, all will live in love. Please think about my words.

Please inwardly digest my words and open yourselves up to receive love. I am Mary. I bless you all and I thank you for coming to listen to my words. Bless you, bless you all. Adonai.

 Channelled by John Armitage

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